The Mountains Less Traveled: Solitude, UT

While Alta and Snowbird deservedly get most of the attention from Salt Lake City locals and visitors alike, I’ve always been a fan of the Cottonwood Canyons’ darkhorse ski area: the aptly-named Solitude.

Solitude Ut

Detractors complain about the mountain’s goofy topography and inefficient lift system, but lots of snow, elbow room, and varied terrain always work for me. Guest author Bryan Luftglass takes us on a tour of his home away from home:

Read this issue of NY Ski Magazine:
Solitude, UT: Channeling the Wasatch

What Kind of Ski Snob Are You?

If you think about it, we are all ski snobs of one sort or another. Some are terrain snobs and care about nothing else but lapping the steepest, gnarliest, longest, and most consistently-pitched lines they can find.

Hickory Ski Center

Others are snow snobs who don’t bother leaving the house unless there’s a decent amount of powder waiting for them; and if the lift-served ski areas don’t have it, they’ll go off-the-map for their fix. Of course, for most people, the best situation is getting both powder and great terrain at the same time, but hey, this is the northeast and we have to deal with whatever’s on the menu for a given day and not whine about it.

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