Hickory or Not?

There’s a significant group of skiers out there who’ve had a great day at Hickory. Certainly enough to fill up the ski center after a storm. When you consider the total number of ski days Hickory has operated over the last 10 years, that’s really kind of amazing.

Hickory fire pit

Personally I’ve had six days at Hickory, five of them in winter, all were unforgettable. So yea, people like me, we’re out there.

Many of us wish we had another shot at it. I know I do. If I had known my last Hickory ski day was going to be my last Hickory ski day, by golly, I would have skied harder. Many also understand why Hickory has been closed the last few years.

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Hickory Hill Hike

On August 3, Hickory Ski Center’s Facebook page woke from a slumber that began in October of 2017. The message: “we’re having a party on Saturday August 14. Come support Hickory.” Further down in the comments they dropped the big one: “There’s more exciting news to come!”

road to Hickory
The Back Way

Those still following that long dormant page, jumped right to the most exciting possibility, that Hickory was planning to reopen. Later when placeholder copy and one of our pictures was added to the Hickory’s website, my anticipation grew.

Hickory faces hurdles. Beyond the logistics required to open any ski area, it will take some weather magic to open a rocky hill without snowmaking, at 700 feet, in Warrensburg NY.

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Hickory: It’s On!

When you ski Hickory you are going in a different direction. For me it’s most noticeable when I’m driving south on Route 28 and the SUVs with roofboxes are all headed north: zoom, zoom, zoom.


Thoughts of skiing Hickory are always there, lurking beneath the surface, rising to the top when there is a favorable storm track promising new snow.

All is possible when two things come together: snow and more snow. I use Facebook to say in the loop. When those stars align, Clarence will post: It’s on!

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