Whiteface Olympic Ski Courses (1980)

Most New York skiers know that Whiteface was the Olympic mountain in 1980, but many haven’t actually considered which runs were used for specific events. It’s logical to assume that Cloudspin and Skyward were used for the Olympic Downhill courses, but beyond that many are vague on the details.

Whiteface Olympic Courses

We were given permission to use this post card from the 1980 Winter Olympic Games that were held in Lake Placid and at Whiteface. It came with no description. We thought it would be a simple matter to match the graphic up with a current Whiteface trail map to determine what trails had been used for each event.

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ORDA Budget Update 2010

With the early season pass discount deadline looming on June 17, we took the plunge yesterday and laid down our money for two full passes. I’d assume early deadline passholders are curious about the budget. But from what I’ve heard, passes are selling at a normal pace.

I found an article in the Press Republican, dated yesterday, that reported on a recent meeting of the Essex County Board of Supervisors. Ted Blazer, ORDA CEO, seemed confident that ORDA would operate in some fashion next season. The state has been passing weekly “emergency extender bills” to keep the government running and ORDA has been included.

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