Gore Mountain Fall Update 2013

We got a quick update from Mike Pratt, Gore’s General Manager on news and improvements taking place at the mountain during the 2013 offseason.

The Adirondack Express: “All maintenance has been performed and the lift is ready to go for this season. But I know you are asking me a bigger question. Our goal is to replace this lift with new quad. It’s our top priority for capital improvement and will happen as soon as we can secure funding.”

Other Lift News: “We’ve added another conveyor lift that was bought last fall. We’re installing it on Bear Cub. The new lift will unload next to the loading station of existing conveyor.”

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Gore Mountain Snowmaking Upgrades (2011)

Mike Pratt upgrades Gore Mountain snowmakingOver the last ten years, Gore Mountain has had more terrain expansion than any mountain in New York. At the same time, the Gore snowmaking has made significant strides — increasing water supply, pumping capacity and snow-gun efficiency. We spoke to Mike Pratt, General Manager at Gore and asked him about this summer’s plans for snowmaking improvements.

NYSkiBlog: You’ve made incremental progress on snowmaking over the past several summers. What’s going on this year?

Mike Pratt: We’re undertaking our most significant snowmaking upgrade since we tapped into the Hudson River in 1996. We’re buying and installing 130 new fixed location HKD Impulse Tower Guns.

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Gore Mountain Summer Update (2010)

Mike Pratt Gore MountainJanuary’s Interview with Mike Pratt was one of the most widely read pieces ever published on NYSkiBlog. At that time, he promised to allow us to follow up in the offseason.

I had a chance to connect with Mike this past week on issues related to Gore, the ORDA budget, summer projects, the rebirth of Little Gore, parking and of course snowmaking.

NYSkiBlog: What projects you are working on this off-season?

Mike: We’re performing our annual maintenance on the lift grips and line machinery.

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