ORDA 3-Way New York Ski Pass

Ski 3 PassNYSkiBlog has learned that New York’s Olympic Regional Development Authority (ORDA) will announce a new ski pass which will grant skiers access to all three of New York’s state-run ski resorts. The Ski3 Pass will be on sale later today and will allow pass holders to ski Whiteface, Gore and Belleayre any day of the 2013-2014 season.

The early bird price of the new pass for adults — $739 — is the same as the first deadline price of the current ORDA 2-Way Pass for Gore and Whiteface.  The early discount price for young adults is $385, while college students and juniors can pick the pass for only $299. The early discount period ends on April 19.

A new Ski3 pass purchased this spring, is good from March 10 to the end of this season.  In addition to great savings on skiing and riding, pass holders will also be a part of ORDA’s “Perks Program.” Ski3 also offers special promotions and discounts throughout the year at ORDA venues and some local businesses.

Together, the three resorts offer more than 800 acres of terrain across eight peaks. The Ski3 Pass provides access to the vertical at Whiteface, The Slides, cruisers and tree skiing at Gore, and an accessible variety of terrain at Belleayre. The pass has the potential to bring more visitors to both the Catskills and the Adirondacks.

We reached Ted Blazer — ORDA’s President and Chief Executive Officer — for comment:

“When I was growing up there was a pass for all three mountains. Now we’re bringing it back offering great skiing and riding on some of NY’s most well-known slopes. New York has great skiing on more mountains than any other state in the US. As we encourage people to ski all that is great in our state, we are proud of this offering that ties the Adirondacks and the Catskills together.”

Skiers can buy the pass online at www.nyski3.com.

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  1. Great news that could keep some skiers in state rather than heading elsewhere. Since it is on the taxpayers dime to run the resorts, it seems like a no-brainer. Hopefully all will embrace this. I will definitely ski all three mountains next year, I am not totally sure if it will be on the pass but they are doing a pretty good job all around at the three currently. Win win win.

  2. I hope there are some variants to it. We pay $620 ea for our family pass (my wife and I) at Belleayre (early purchase). We don’t forsee heading farther north often enough to justify the extra $139 each. We will have to sit down and analyze the per day pricing at Platty and Belle with liftopia deals to see what our per day comes out to. My wife hits around 25 days and I do about 35 at Belle so the current ($620) makes sense for us.

  3. As a multi-year pass holder at Gore, I have to admit I am becoming somewhat underwhelmed with ORDA. I’m 27 and the lack of discounts for my age range, coupled with the lack of snow making (especially this year, who expected Burnt Ridge to last past one melt with less than 20″ of base?) is disappointing.

    Stratton had a $300 pass for people under 30 and I hear Killington is going to offer a similar (surely much more expensive) deal next year AND these mountains actually blow snow in a way that keeps the mountain open. While I know that Gore/Whiteface is a terrific deal compared to season passes at those other two, it is still expensive for a guy like me who doesn’t drive his $70K BMW to the mountain to FINALLY use his HUD goggles to watch his GoPro livestream while at the same time ripping groomers.

    With the record crowds Gore received this year, I seriously need a new commitment from ORDA on the volume of snow they can/will make at Gore before I buy another year. The addition of a Catskill mountain that doesn’t get/blow much snow any more doesn’t really sweeten it for me.

    I know this was supposed to be a positive post but if I keep having to pay $700+ for a mountain that doesn’t strategically make snow in a way that makes it worthwhile, I’m back to backcountry only or a pass somewhere else.

  4. Sure hope my knee gets better by next season.

    Now, if they were really smart, they would include the end of this season on this pass, as a great promotion and to get the word out. You know, like most non taxpayer supported mountains. But, that’s asking too much, I suppose. Wouldn’t want to overload the computers with orders, right?

  5. I think this is great news. Thanks for breaking it Harv. I can’t say for certain that I will make a trip to Bell from Saratoga, but it certainly would have gotten me there if I was still living in NJ. Its a bummer the price went up for Bell folks, but hopefully it still works out $$ wise for them and maybe they make a trip or two up north. I think just the PR of bonding the three together will build brand awareness for all. I know of people who didn’t know gore existed until they saw something about the place on the whiteface website. Would be nice to see some co-ordinated marketing/advertising out of ORDA.

    I know some of the resorts in VT have been offering discounts for under 30 folks. Sugarbush has one too now. I guess they are banking on those people becoming lifers. Call me old fashioned but if you are bitching about getting an aged based discount at 27 you need to move out of your parent’s basement. I personally think that Gore has done a great job of strategic snowmaking this year. It would have been nice to have sagamore earlier, but I’ll take quality over quantity anytime. It takes a ton of snow to adequately cover that trail. It is one of my favorites so I was bummed it didn’t get hit earlier too. Don’t forget two major, major warm ups in January.

  6. So they increased the price for Belleayre passholders, but didn’t raise the price for ADKers?

  7. Danzilla, been sitting on this for quite a while and it’s a fun one to break.

    Pass pricing: The Ski3 Pass is one of many options for skiers at all three mountains. I haven’t thoroughly examined each rate card for the individual mountains but it looks like most of the pass options for the other mountains are still available.

    From what I can see prices for all three mountains are showing no increase above 2012-13. IMO, if you examine the pricing all around it shows sensitivity to market dynamics.

  8. Maybe East-Coast skiing shouldn’t be an exclusive sport for the wealthy as it has become in my short lifetime. The prices have gone up exponentially in the last ten years. That’s the real issue.

    I have calculated that I spend approx. $600 in gas, $200-$300 in gear and $700 on the pass each year. Also, I’ve been supporting myself since I was 17. Maybe you aren’t feeling the effects of the recession, but most of us (especially young people!) are.

  9. Granted Skiing is not a cheap sport, but do the math on how many days you ski per year. Then figure out how many hours you ski each day and I think its a pretty good bargain for $ per smile. Is it expensive to pony up $79 for a day ticket at Gore? Probably. But season passes have held pretty steady over the past 8 years and I think the product has gotten better and better. I do feel for people that are hurting, but I also think that age based discounts should be for people in college and under and for 65 or 70+ crowd. My personal opinion. If there was an option for a 30 and under pass when I was that age I sure would have taken it though. Everyone at gore isn’t driving a 70K BMW. I’m sure not. Both of my cars have 120K miles on em. Not that it matters.

  10. Thinking about this a little more it (the 30 under pass) probably isn’t a bad business move. Obviously there is a market for it or the other mountains wouldn’t be doing it. It certainly builds some brand loyalty. I do wonder though how much money they lose on those passes. Generally I would think people who are under 30 without kids and other commitments would be getting a ton of days in. Not as many as a retired guy, but more than a working stiff with two kids and a mortgage. I don’t mean to pick a fight, but I don’t like the class warfare stuff. That guy driving the 70K car probably dumps a lot more money at the mountain than most and if he stays on groomers that means more of the goods for the rest of us. Most people I know make some sacrifices so they can ski.

  11. Based on my observations, I would say that the age 23-35 demographic is the most underrepresented at most mountains. I’d guess simply for financial reasons.

    I sure do get a good number of days in though, but I work a 9-5 so it’s usually the same days as everyone else.

    I didn’t mean to pick a fight either but I do drop the same amount of money as our straw man BMW driver, ha. Other than the fact that I drive a Hyundai that gets better gas mileage.

    I was simply trying to say that because other places are better deals and *seem* to make more and/or better snow, I will now be reexamining my 5+ year allegiance with Gore.

  12. TrojanMorse – I’m just curious… what would you consider a fair price for an Under 30 pass?

  13. I’d say anywhere between $300-$600. Stratton’s was $300 but I actually don’t think that is sustainable and doubt how long they will offer it.

  14. Interesting. That is basically the same price as the M-F Non-Holiday Gore-only pass, which ranges from $399 – $549, depending on when you purchase it. I wonder how many of those pass holders are under 30 currently, and if an Under 30 pass would just cannibalize that product instead of providing Gore with new pass holders. Would your expectation be that an Under 30 pass at that price be valid at all 3 mountains?

  15. I seriously wouldn’t have any expectation, just a small hope. However, I would totally be fine with that product being offered for just Gore. I can compromise!

  16. Yeah, we bought in 2 weeks ago hoping to get to Gore this weekend but alas, it does not seem like this is going to happen. I’m depressed, it will be the first weekend since the first week of Dec. that i won’t be on skis.

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