ORDA Skier Visits (Update 2017)

Following are updated numbers for ORDA skier visits and revenue for New York’s state-owned and operated ski areas as reported by the Olympic Regional Development Authority in the most recent annual report.

As of the 2010 – 2011 season ORDA has not reported skier visits for Gore Mountain. For the first time in the 2013 annual report numbers for Belleayre Ski Center were included.

It appears that as of 2016-2017 reported revenue for Whiteface is now a twelve month total.


Season Skier Visits Revenue
2004 – 2005 181,759 $7,205,841
2005 – 2006 180,440 $7,836,129
2006 – 2007 166,145 $8,052,883
2007 – 2008 214,108 $10,469,789
2008 – 2009 185,586 $9,060,532
2009 – 2010 188,784 $9,367,859
2010 – 2011 209,214 $10,493,708
2011 – 2012 164,952 $9,096,676
2012 – 2013 192,427 $8,549,601
2013 – 2014 214,459 $8,666,481
2014 – 2015 216,219 $8,574,301
2015 – 2016 167,501 $7,698,359
2016 – 2017 201,206 10,664,262*

Gore Mountain

Season Skier Visits Revenue
2004 – 2005 212,703 $6,625,483
2005 – 2006 207,299 $6,524,448
2006 – 2007 209,353 $6,441,723
2007 – 2008 238,467 $8,103,326
2008 – 2009 230,791 $8,484,833
2009 – 2010 218,166 $8,081,744
2010 – 2011 217,032 $8,171,714
2011 – 2012 (not reported) $7,085,546
2012 – 2013 (not reported) $8,910,472
2013 – 2014 (not reported) $9,637,100
2014 – 2015 (not reported) $10,039,903
2015 – 2016 (not reported) $6,308,622
2016 – 2017 (not reported) $8,788,551

Belleayre Ski Center

Season Skier Visits Revenue
2006 – 2007 146,560 $4,382,152
2007 – 2008 181,509 $5,975,363
2008 – 2009 154,726 $5,604,865
2009 – 2010 169,163 $5,392,668
2010 – 2011 167,036 $5,601,288
2011 – 2012 87,341 $3,623,381
2012 – 2013 118,359 $5,298,259
2013 – 2014 131,257 $4,939,402
2014 – 2015 133,911 $5,083,710
2015 – 2016 72,250 $3,656,890
2016 – 2017 124,345 $5,402,264

Sources: ORDA Annual Reports

17 comments on “ORDA Skier Visits (Update 2017)

  1. Pretty lame that Gore doesn’t report accurate skier visits let alone any numbers at all. Given the scanner system, they could very easily report skier visits. What are they hiding? The lack of skier visit reporting sticks out like a sore thumb when the other two mountains are reporting. All three mountains should count season pass holder visits the same way (actual or estimate) and all three should report.

  2. None of you people who downgrade really enjoy the beauty and the freedom of skiing that Belleayre gives us. The people are great and the conditions are always good because they groom so well. Do us all a favor and stay where you r and not downgrade a most peaceful, glorious mountain. If we close Belleayre you and your children will deal with another SAME mountain somewhere, unlike a distinctly wonderful place called BELLEAYRE. I drive from Newport R.I.!

  3. Ausie, glad you’re back.

    Can’t we agree that none of these mountains “make” money? But, I am still not sure why you believe that Belle would have so much more trouble than everyone else.

    I’m just curious why Gore’s skier visits can’t be included in the chart.

    But, if you really want to argue we should start a new thread.

    p.s. Gore is better than Whiteface.

  4. ML those are revenue numbers not how much was made. Bell does not make anything. Breakeven is the best it can hope for. Big percentage of group biz also hurts the bottom line. We never get to see a bottom line. I would think that someone could petition via freedom of information act to get real numbers for profit and loss in Bells case.

  5. As a point of clarification, the reason that the 2010-2011 Gore numbers have an asterisk(*) – in last year’s ORDA annual report Gore skier visits also were not reported and revenue numbers where shown on a graph that wasn’t easy to determine exact numbers. The reason those numbers are estimates – Ted Blazer was speaking at a press conference and gave percent changes for Gore on both skier visits and revenue that we applied to the previous years numbers.

    @Kid – I’ll let your comment (and the dates next to comments) stand as notification that this post is historical and updated yearly. We’ll probably have to do something different next year anyway with the inclusion of Belleayre.

  6. Harv, you may want to put in a footnote that several of these comments are 2 years old.

    That said, it’s also worth noting that Whiteface skiiers stay longer. I am sure the average ski “vacation” to Whiteface is 2 – 3 days, with lodging because it’s too far to day trip from the Capitol District.

    At Gore, the typical “vacation” is one day. Either Saturday or Sunday. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but Gore is still primarily a day area for Albany, much like Belleayre is a day area for Metro NYC.

  7. I think the Whiteface numbers include summer revenues, and I would think it grosses more in the summer than Gore.

  8. From what I’ve seen operating profit is more like $500k per mountain. I’d guess Gore might have a larger percentage of passholders than Whiteface, which could lower the revenue per visit.

    And with a lot of dual passholders living in the capital district, it would make sense that those passholders would hit Gore more. It’s closer.

    The last factor could be Whiteface’s status as a destination resort. With everything Lake Placid has to offer, and the mountain’s reputation as being one of the most challenging hills in the east, I wouldn’t be surprised if more people take full vacations at WF. Those multi-day tickets are cheaper than single day tix, but more per day than what passholders pay.

  9. Those figures are gross revenues. Profits are what’s left after you subtract expenses. The large difference in revenue per skier visit ($37 for Gore, $49 for WF) probably reflects a different mix of full retail skiers vs discounted tickets vs season passholder visits at each mountain, and probably differences in the estimates / assumptions that go into each, for example that 15 visits per passholder assumption at Gore.

    While this information is interesting, net profit figures would be more useful. I beleive both Gore and Whiteface generate annual profits of around $1 million each. And of course the economic impact to the region from the operation of the ski centers is very significant.

  10. As we discussed with Tony Lanza (and confirmed by Harv’s footnote), those skier visit numbers are guestimates. Aren’t revenue and gross profits completely different things? Why are WF’s revenues 15-20% more than Gore’s given the ski-day stats?

  11. I’m guessing revenue is gross profit? Does the state publish the complete financial statement?

  12. Gore visit numbers include an estimate of 15 visits per pass holder. Whiteface visits do not include visits by Gore passholders.

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