Greek Peak: Expanding the Zone

Embracing change isn’t exactly my specialty. My life can be boiled down to a handful of things I do year in and year out, over and over. Work, eat, sleep, deal with responsibilities in summer, and ski and blog about my favorite hills during the season.

Greek Peak

I’ve been planning to ski Greek Peak for almost ten years. I certainly had my chances. From my desk at work, I’ve watched the mountain experience some great lake effect snow cycles. I remember a stretch a few years ago, when a persistent upper-level low lingered for more than a week, dropping — as they say in the Virgil Valley — “two-tree” inches a day, until it was game-on across the mountain.

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Black Friday at Greek Peak

This past week snow riders gave thanks. It’s not often lifts in New York spin in mid-November. I got some early season action at Gore last weekend and this weekend hit Greek Peak on opening day too. It felt right to be back at Greek after closing them out on ski-for-free day. On April 15 2018, only a single white ribbon remained. This year, on Black Friday, I found a lot more.

Cats and snowmobiles

I woke from my long Thanksgiving nap shortly before 6am. With a -6f temp reading outside, it felt more like February than November. I loaded my gear and drove from the Finger Lakes to Greek Peak. The only cloud in sight was steam rising off Seneca and Cayuga Lakes.

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Greek Peak Buys Toggenburg

Greek-Peak-ToggenburgVirgil NY: In a press conference at the mountain today it was announced that the partners of Greek Peak Mountain Resort are acquiring Toggenburg Mountain Winter Sports Center. The price is currently undisclosed. The transaction was executed as an asset purchase agreement to acquire Toggenburg on August 26, 2015.

The announcement was foreshadowed on Tuesday when a press release from longtime Toggenburg owner Jim Hickey and Greek Peak co-owners Marc Stemerman and John Meier referenced “an attractive offer provided to season pass holders through [a] business combination.”

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