Greek Peak: Soft Sunday

Greek Peak is a mountain I know well from my college days. I spent a lot of time on the slopes that might have been better spent going to class. But then if I had gone to class, maybe I wouldn’t be writing this piece. I’m always excited to get back to a place I know well.


With recent snow, Greek was sure to be in good condition. I called Alex and made plans to meet for first chair. He was ready to get some use out of his Indy Pass.

The trails off Lift 1A looked prime, so we took a few runs to warm up. High speed laps on the corduroy always get the blood flowing. Empty lift lines and new RFID gates meant we skied onto the lift most of the morning.

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Woods Valley: Wednesday Night Lights

Skiers and boarders adapt to all kinds of change.  Conditions, weather and equipment are constantly in motion. In the flurry of change, there are also constants.


Our favorite mountains do not move, our favorite lifties still spin our favorite chairs, and we can count on our best partners to ride with us. Back at Woods Valley for the first time this season, it all felt right.

After work on Wednesday, I drove to Woods. When I pulled into the lot I noticed changes around the mountain. The new lodge is almost complete and was just starting to glow as the external lights turned on.

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Craigslist Kayak Adventures

I’ve wanted to get my hands on a tandem kayak for years now. Not just any tandem though; I wanted a big seaworthy double cockpit, expedition-capable boat.

NY Thruway

For more casual paddlers, this kind of kayak is more boat then required. Hell, for most of my paddling it is overkill but there are times when my home waters get dangerous. Plus, I occasionally get out on big water and have ambitions towards multi-day trips with my kids in the future so I wanted a really capable boat.

That’s my justification at least. Maybe it’s just quiver envy. Like with skis, I always seem to be looking towards the next piece of gear that would really up my game.

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