Gore Mountain Easter Monday

I’ve been skiing weekdays this season. Obviously crowds are lighter, and it takes some juggling to manage work responsibilities. One loophole, our small company grants a lessor known holiday, Easter Monday. I headed to Gore.

It worked out pretty well. I had a 3-day weekend with the family then, after Easter dinner on Sunday, I drove north to our cabin in the Adirondacks. I’d forgotten how weird it feels to load your skis into your car when it’s 65 degrees and sunny.

When you get into the mountains, it starts to make sense again. There was little natural snow around, mostly just plow snow, but hey, I was in the mountains. Normally, if you’re not rolling in at say midnight, you can see the bumps on Rumor as you approach from the south on Route 28.

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Whiteface: Time to Rip

It felt like the middle of winter as we walked across the bridge from the River Lot. The night before I dragged my friend Blue up from Utica and we stayed in a cheap hotel. I have chased the powder all year and I was determined to go after this storm too.

The 3 hour drive and questionable weather conditions did create some hesitation but the thought process was simple. I didn’t want to be sitting on my couch some crappy spring weekend wishing I had made one more trip. We grabbed our tickets and shortly after the lifts spun, we headed up the gondola to the top of Little Whiteface.

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The Royal Mountain Refill

After all that sweet midweek vacation day powder, I had to work the weekend and rain was in the forecast. My best shot at keeping the stoke alive was grabbing a few laps Saturday morning before work.

I wanted to go somewhere new and uncharted. Early Saturday, I headed east on the Thruway and in an hour I was pulling into Royal Mountain.

If you’ve know of Royal Mountain, then you may also know of Jim Blaise. The hardworking owner of Royal, he kept the mountain alive and adapted however he could. Now 50 years later he’s handed the reins over to his protege Jake Tennis. The Tennis family, by all accounts, will be great owners.

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