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Hunter Mountain December 2014

In some ways, Hunter is the victim of its own success. On yet another drive up 87 with a recent transplant, I was asked to describe the hill. Being articulate or coherent at a quarter-of-six is hard work, so I settled on my gold standard of sports analogies.

Hunter Mountain December 2014

Hunter Mountain is kind of like the Yankees. Even if they win 100 games, the season is a failure if they don’t win the World Series.

Since not everyone knows about Baseball, The Yankees are not only my favorite team but they are historically, the most successful. And in other news, precisely because of this, they have as many passionate detractors as they have casual fans.

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Hunter: Into the Home Stretch

Spring has been taking its time catching up with the calendar and the Catskills are no exception. While driving through Hunter NY last Thursday, it was hard to miss how much snow still covered many people’s yards at the end of March.

Hunter Mountain spring skiing

As we pulled into the ski area, all of the visible trails had full coverage. Racer’s Edge — which by this time of the season is often specked with dirt — was a perfectly groomed carpet of white.

Pretty much all over the mountain, Hunter has stockpiled a lot of snow (north of ten feet in many spots), which obviously bodes well for the next two weeks. While none of this is a surprise given Hunter’s reputation as a snowmaking beast, it’s still impressive to see in person.

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Hunter Mountain Valentine’s Day Pow

Once I got my skis in today’s fresh snow I didn’t want to stop, or even slow down. Lots of other people at Hunter must have felt the same way, because it’s been years since I saw such a powder-crazed group in the Catskills.

Valentine's Day Powder on Westway

Rope drops were well attended, especially on Hunter West as people clamored to get on the big terrain of Westway.

After two runs on old 44, I considered, for a moment, giving my legs a break, until I saw the rope coming down on Annapurna. The headwall was exceptional.

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