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North Creek Ski Bowl MTB

Two winters ago, on a bit of an impulse, I asked my friend and professional trail designer Steve Ovitt to evaluate the potential of our property for dual purpose nordic/mountain biking trails.

North Creek Ski Bowl MTB

Steve’s evaluation was enthusiastic and now, two summers later, we are all in, doing trail maintenance and riding on our land. I never imagined biking out the back door could be almost as much fun as skiing. Indeed it is.

After two days of blowing, raking, trimming and riding our trails, I ventured down to North Creek Ski Bowl to check out the relatively new trails that Steve designed and built for the town of Johnsburg.

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Gore Mountain Reopens the Hudson Trail

As announced earlier this season on Facebook, Gore Mountain is working this summer to reopen the original Hudson Trail on Town of Johnsburg land at the North Creek Ski Bowl.


The reborn trail leaves the current lift line at Tower 13 and makes it’s way down little Gore Mountain roughly parallel to 46er, rejoining the trail at Tower 4. There are will be couple of exits back to the lift at Tower 9 and Tower 7.

It’s a fall line trail with naturally banked turns that will require minimal earth moving to complete. We spoke to Mike Pratt Gore GM about this project in the last few days.

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Ending the Regular Season at Gore

The ski season is always a moving target. While many mountains plan to start on Black Friday, mother nature often has different ideas. The end of the season is even harder to pin down.


The season reminds me of the baseball calendar. Thin cover snowliage skiing is akin to spring training. The regular season begins on opening day and the All-Star break is Valentine’s Day.  But the analogy breaks down because end of the regular season is always a moving target.

Based on what I read on Facebook and in the Forums, last weekend was seen by many as the end. Several mountains called it on Sunday leaving more hills closed than open.

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