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Approaching Gore Mountain from the North

I’ve recently spent a lot of time to the south of Gore Mountain; downstate, the Catskills and Hickory. I hadn’t skied in North Creek in over a month, and wanted to return to base in the Adirondacks.


Gore from the North

It’s been a different kind of month for me. The last several weeks I had limited experience with groomed trails, manmade snow or liftlines for that matter. I’ve been approaching things from a different angle.

We drove to North River Saturday morning and skied in the woods in the afternoon. Sunday was forecast to be a cold one, but as planned we headed off to Gore.

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The First Storm of The Season

The weekend snow event wasn’t really the first storm of the season. But it was the first in the east that really involved almost everyone. I love that.


At Gore Mountain we skied truly edgeable hardpack on Saturday, so that when the overnight storm added a foot to snow totals, things were in really good shape.

From what I saw on social media Sunday evening, this was true at ski areas across New York and the east.

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Gore Opening: The White Ribbon of Life

Gore’s official opening was last week, but I’m calling this past Saturday the unofficial opening.  After a big warmup on Friday, a true arctic cold front swept through after midnight, putting a lot of pressure on the groomers.


Sunday November 24, 2013

Gore waited as long as possible before grooming, not that the snow really “drained” much in a few hours. Still crews pushed it to the last minute and used two Pisten Bullys to get things done just as the Gondi was going off at 8:30.

The crazy thing is — when I was taking these photos — I was pumped.  It was cold with snow in the forecast and guns were going off across the East Side. There had to be something to turn on, in 1500 feet of vert.

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