The Ski Season in Photos #3

Hunter Ski Patrol on Minya
Bumps on Minya Konka • Hunter Mtn, NY • December 25, 2011

Like many of us, ml242 is another one who loves to ski.  And like most of us, he knows that getting his significant other jazzed about skiing is crucial for maximizing his ski days.

This season he was on a mission. He did all kinds of creative things this season share his love for our sport with his friend Amy.  One of the most notable: a romantic Valentine’s ski overnight at the Roxbury Hotel.  But, as we all know, some things are under our control and other things aren’t. Conditions this season were challenging. Early season was especially difficult, but on Christmas day Hunter delivered.

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A History of Hunter Mountain

Hunter Mountain Ski BowlThe history of Hunter Mountain is the story of two brothers whose desire to build would not be denied.

Orville and Israel Slutzky had a vision for a ski area on a steep, rocky mountain in Hunter New York, and no amount of adversity or skepticism was enough to deter them from their goal.

In the mid-1950’s the sport of skiing was gaining popularity in New York and across the northeast. At the same, as people became more mobile and began to travel farther for vacations, the Catskills’ appeal as a summer vacation destination was declining. Meanwhile a few miles to the south, Belleayre Ski Center was attracting visitors and driving economic activity in the town of Pine Hill.

A group of businessmen led by the Slutzky brothers lobbied New York state to create an anchor attraction in Hunter New York: a second state sponsored ski mountain. The state’s refusal to participate in the project was the first roadblock of many that the brothers would face and overcome. Orville and Israel were determined to build the largest ski area in the East. Please take a few minutes to read…

NY Ski Directory’s
History of Hunter Mountain

The Ski Season in Photos #2

First Tracks at Killington
Condor on Royal Flush • Killington, VT • October 28, 2011

While Killington has come under fire in recent years for a reduced commitment to the eight month season that created “the beast,” the fact remains that the mountain remains incredibly important to New York skiers.  The combination of convenient location, excellent orographics and an aggressive approach to October snowmaking puts Killington top of mind for many of us, especially in the early season. This past season half of all the trip reports posted in the NY Ski Forums in November 2011 were from Killington.

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