Skiing The Mad River Valley… With Help

I don’t really know much about skiing in Vermont. I know that the Green Mountain spine produces magic snow out of thin air, and the farther north you go, the greater the magic. But my ability to find the best skiing anywhere outside of New York is limited.

Champlain Bridge

That’s not to say that I haven’t had some great times skiing on the other side of Lake Champlain. It seems every time I’ve made the trip, the combination of magic snow and great guides have made my ski days great.

My most recent trip into Vermont was into the Mad River Valley — over the lake, across the farmland and through the gauntlet — the App Gap. 

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Searching for the King of Spring

Skiing in May means traveling a little further when you’re based in downstate NY. For most of us, the ultimate late-season pilgrimage is to Mount Washington. Or if you have the money, I’m sure Mammoth, Mount Hood, or Alaska would provide a nice trip. With more limited finances and an oddball sense of fun, I decided to say goodbye to two more eastern resorts I really appreciate, Stowe and Sugarbush, both located in northern Vermont.

Both mountains provide some of the best experiences that the East Coast can offer. Deep light snow, endless trees, generous vertical and great views. I’d have to settle for the latter three, because although a few inches of fresh had fallen (you can see how clean it is in the troughs of the moguls at the Bush compared to the older snow), skiing last weekend basically meant riding the fake snow at the higher elevations.

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