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Harvey Road is NYSkiBlog

Harvey Road was launched in October of 2008. It started out as a place to store our Gore Mountain ski pictures and trip reports. In time, we added all important weather links on the home page, and started to think of the site as a resource for southern Adirondack skiers.

In the summer of 2009, we realized the site would be more valuable if other skiers contributed, so we reached out to new authors. As others came on board, and we began covering more ski areas. We soon realized that the common denominator was our love for NY State skiing. Whiteface, Gore Mountain, Hunter, Belleayre, Plattekill, Hickory Ski Center and Greek Peak were key components of our collective ski seasons. To reflect our expanded focus, Harvey Road is now the New York Ski Blog located at:

Please bookmark our new url as one of your favorites and make the move with us. It’s our new home on the web. We’re still Harvey Road, but at a new address.

Harvey’s Disclaimer

I have a good time almost every time I ski. If you are reading my reports to make your own decisions based on conditions – please read the words, and try to tune out the enthusiasm.


Do not mistake my enthusiasm for a positive review of conditions.

It’s easy to say, look at those pictures — looks like that guy had fun. Let’s go skiing!

But I can’t (I won’t!) curb my enthusiasm.

If you choose to use my reports to make ski decisions for yourself, please analyze carefully.

Daily Snow Reports

We’d like to link to maybe SIX or EIGHT ski mountain daily reports. So you could click through the links and get an overview on what an event generated, in terms of snowfall.

Looking for suggestions on which mountains would give the most complete overview of the northeast.

These are the givens. Gore and Whiteface included. At least 2 mountains from VT, one from NH and one from Maine. Mountain needs to update their report religiously, early in the am. (Sadly) Gore is excused from this requirement. Post ideas in comments below.