McCauley Mountain Hike

During the winter months, McCauley is the center of the Old Forge community. The mountain is always busy with after school programs, live music and a variety of food specials in the lodge. It was a much different case a few weekends ago when Farah and I decided to hike the mountain.

McCauley liftline

Overgrown grass and a lack of cars in the parking lot may convince the unknowing that the resort is abandoned. Upon closer inspection though you’ll see the well-maintained and used mountain bike trails. The light construction at the base area is also a tip off that the biggest little mountain isn’t dead, just hibernating until winter.

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McCauley: Back in Action

Winter storm Landon dumped snow all across the New York, but north was the place to be. I wanted to avoid the big name resorts as I knew most would be crowded. McCauley seemed like a good choice, especially because I didn’t make it there once last year.

Snowmaking on the bottom of Olympic

Even better, I was rejoined by my favorite chairlift partner Farah and McCauley is one of her personal favorites. We had plans for first chair but had a rough start when we got on the road. The snow was so caked on from my drive to work the previous day that the whole car shuttered at any speed. After a little work to clean out the wheel wells we were back on the road and headed up route 8 to Old Forge.

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A New York Ski Journey

For reasons you might know, I hadn’t skied in nearly a month. I knew I was out of shape, but not sure how far. I wondered about my wind, would it be affected? It was time to figure it out, on my first trip, back in the game. On Friday morning, I headed north toward the snow.


I still have this feeling that I’m on borrowed time, like skiing could go away at any moment. Planning to ski four days in a row was a sign, I was going to push it. It had been snowing all week, and physically there was no reason I shouldn’t ski.

My doctor, a skier herself, told me to “take it easy.” I think we both knew that advice would be heeded, but only up to a certain point.

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