Midweek McCauley

Most people save their vacation days for warmer weather, traveling to beaches in the winter or just enjoying summer days. Skiers and snowboarders hoard our days waiting for the opportune storm or coveted trip. Powder days are most precious and after the storm last week it was time to use some PTO.

McCauley view

Skiing midweek has its perks. Despite the sixty-minute drive to Old Forge, I still get to sleep in, compared to a work day. McCauley Mountain reported 9 inches during the week and the parking lot was empty when I pulled in just before the first chair.

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McCauley to the Rescue

After a nice big storm in mid-December, I think it’s fair to say we dodged a bullet at the end of last week. A second big event, originally in the long range as snow storm, looked more like a sure thing for rain as it got closer.

Adirondack cabin

Then, at the last minute, the storm track moved a bit east. Not east enough for a full-fledged happy ending, but enough to deliver both front and backend snow in NY.

I’ve been watching NY snowfall radar for 20 years, and I’ve rarely, if ever, seen that kind of significant last minute reprieve, even if it wasn’t complete.

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McCauley Mountain Hike

During the winter months, McCauley is the center of the Old Forge community. The mountain is always busy with after school programs, live music and a variety of food specials in the lodge. It was a much different case a few weekends ago when Farah and I decided to hike the mountain.

McCauley liftline

Overgrown grass and a lack of cars in the parking lot may convince the unknowing that the resort is abandoned. Upon closer inspection though you’ll see the well-maintained and used mountain bike trails. The light construction at the base area is also a tip off that the biggest little mountain isn’t dead, just hibernating until winter.

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