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Plattekill Glades Workday 2014

As Plattekill Mountain preps the trails with snowmaking and other upgrades, NYSkiBlog is pleased to announce that we’ve been invited back for a fourth year of off-the-map improvements for another snowy winter of tree skiing.


By now the drill is well known by the previous attendees but everyone is welcome to join regardless of experience. Come to help improve the skiing and get a feel for the Plattekill vibe.

If you haven’t been, the mountain is a world apart from a typical resort, blessed with frequent lake-effect snowfall and skiers that are happy to let other people go first on the chair to get to it. It’s skiing the way it used to be.

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Closing Day at Plattekill 2014

The end of the season always seems to sneak up on me. It’s not like I can’t follow a calendar or fathom the inevitable warmth and rain that April brings. But somehow March snows and cold allow me to indulge my fantasy that winter will never end.


When Plattekill announced that April 6 would be the last day of lift-served skiing on the mountain, I felt the pull to return. Bombarded with email from other diehards, I got my ducks in a row, and headed for Roxbury on Sunday morning.

I never seem to adjust to a proper spring skiing schedule. Just as I do in mid-winter, I set my alarm for a predawn awakening to head north. The difference was this time when I left it was light.

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Diamond Day at Plattekill (2.0)

Fifty years ago the northeast was dotted with mom and pop ski hills. Those few that have survived have gotten by with true grit, a few natural advantages and a little help from their friends.

Skiing Plattekill North Face

This scenario describes Plattekill Mountain. The hard working owners of the ski area in Roxbury New York are blessed with great terrain and natural snowfall.

Beyond that, the mountain seems to inspire people to pitch in and help. One such person is known to us as Diamond Dave, the owner of the Diamond Bar in Brooklyn NY.

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