Flower Shop Rail Jam at Snow Ridge

Despite the rapid approach of the end of the season, I’ve had an amazing few weeks. I followed up BB2 with a deep Monday at Jay Peak. Then this weekend I hit up the second annual Flower Skateshop Rail Jam at Snow Ridge. Like Berms and Brews the park jam has become one of my favorite events. This year the guys from FlowerSkateShop and Snow Ridge really upped their game.

Caleb and the Flower Shop Guys

Saturday morning was still crispy at 9:30am when I pulled into the Ridge. I ran into Flower Shop rider and style guru Nick in the parking lot and asked how it was looking. He had helped set up the day before and with the freezing temperatures overnight, the features were set in nicely.

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Snow Ridge: Afternoon Deep

While visiting my parents in the Finger Lakes over the weekend I watched the weather reports. I was surprised to see a late season surge, a large amount of snow headed towards Tug Hill. Farah and I headed to Snow Ridge Sunday afternoon.

Snow Pocket

It was one of my deepest days, and possibly the best three hours of skiing I’ve ever had. I’m sure the following words or pictures won’t really do it justice.

Driving the Thruway it was clear skies and dry roads, but after getting off the interstate and driving north of Rome, conditions changed drastically. Deteriorated or improved, depending on your point of view.

Snow Pocket Tbar

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Snow Ridge: The Snow Pocket Opens

A lot can be said about the tenacity of east coast riders. Ski The East is an idea that resonates. We ski in the rain, we lay edges in ice and last week some of us braved negative temperatures to make a few good turns. Some saw the temperatures and canceled plans. Others saw the upside: ski on lifts and quality snow.

Snow Ridge lodge

It was 8 below when I left Utica and negative 14 as I pulled into the parking lot at Snow Ridge. I was already wearing most of my gear for the drive, so I slipped into my boots and headed into the lodge for the ticket.

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