Oxtongue River: A Birthday Paddle Adventure

Throughout my life, I have strived to avoid working on my birthday, July 23. For the most part, I have been successful at achieving this objective, despite the fact that in my long-time job, mid-summer is a very busy time. I guess it helps to be the boss, and I can just tell the manager who takes care of scheduling that I am taking the day off. OK?

Oxtongue River canoe trip

I try to plan some kind of outdoor adventure, using the birthday excuse to avoid getting sucked into mundane chores like mowing the lawn, painting the house, etc. It is a good setup and helps give me a kick in the butt to do something fun instead of what “needs to be done.”

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Piermont Marsh Kayak

Piermont is a cool little town. It sits on the southwestern edge of the Tappan Zee, the wide spot on the Hudson River that forms a sort of a quasi-lake near the NY/NJ border.

Piermont Marsh kayaking

It has cool restaurants and shops, a bunch of expensive new condos and marinas full of fancy boats. But it also has neighborhoods filled with charming little houses and people who have lived there since long before the hipsters arrived.

The pier that gives the town its name is now a park where people can walk out and enjoy the views up and down the Hudson. It’s location and ambiance makes it a destination for road bikers from the city on summer weekends. People love Piermont; pretty much all people.

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Kayaking near Saugerties NY: Lower Esopus Creek

This offseason, my paddling explorations have been curtailed by other commitments. On Saturday morning I had business in Albany. I figured if we got back on the road by mid-afternoon we’d have time to squeeze in a short paddle on the way home.

kayaks on the truck

There is a good variety of choices for kayaking between Albany and my home in the southern Hudson Valley. With only a few hours to get out, I settled on a stretch of flatwater for kayaking near Saugerties: the mouth of Esopus Creek. I’d had an eye on this stretch of water for a while. Last season my curiousity grew when I paddled Rondout Creek, just a little further south.

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