Lake Kanawauke Paddle

So far, my summer kayaking plan has been working out pretty good. I haven’t done big trips but I’ve gotten in a lot quick paddles on the lakes in Harriman park. Like always, parking has been an issue at Harriman.

Lake Kanawauke map

Making things worse, Lake Welch has been closed due to a toxic algae bloom. Lake Welch has a huge beach and parking lot that would normally absorb a big percentage of the picnickers who show up to grill and swim and hang out with family and friends every weekend. Lake Kanawauke has been a reliable spot. Somehow I’ve always managed to find parking there, even when other areas are full. My first day there this year I spent exploring.

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Hinckley Reservoir Paddle

Growing up in the Finger Lakes, I was unaware of the many other bodies of water that populate NY. Since moving to Utica I’ve made it my mission to find new water.

There are plenty of gems to discover in Central NY. One of my favorites is Hinckley Reservoir. At first we hung out at the aptly named “Beer Can Beach” where locals shore their boats and party.

Hinckley Reservoir

These days my approach is a little more relaxed, trading out the motorboats for paddles. On a recent weekend with the weather approaching 90F, getting out on the water was a necessity. Farah and I packed a cooler and headed north before the sun started cooking Saturday morning.

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Life is Short but Days are Long

“We’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time” my father would joke, in the days before he passed, just a few years ago.  He was known for having a good time. After his passing I decided to up my game. I committed myself to getting out on at least one big trip a year, on the longest days of the year, to test myself.

avalanche pass hiker

A celebration of life and light with some type 2 fun mixed in. In 2019, I convinced two close friends, Freebird and Grapestomper, to traverse the 20+ mile Adirondack High Peaks Great Range Trail on the summer solstice.  Known as one of the hardest day hikes in America, it certainly lived up to its reputation.

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