Lessons from Mount Peter

Stuffed with winter cheer, holiday spirit and Chinese food ours was a multi-faceted ski mission, for a good cause. Earlier in the month I saw ISKINY’s learn-to-ski deal offering $35 packages at a number of New York resorts, including the nearby (to me) Mount Peter.


I was inspired. My holiday schedule was packed with weddings and family and errands, but I really wanted to get on the slopes.  Mount Peter gave me a great price to get two excited never-evers on the slopes. Off we went.

It’s hard not to make this sound like a gift to myself, but I really wanted to share the gift of skiing with a classmate and her boyfriend. Skiing is easily my most favorite winter activity, but I find it hard to explain why newbies should try it.

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Mount Peter, NY: 1/21/12

Everyone knows that being a skier based in the tri-state area is not for the weak of heart. To get to any high-profile mountain — either in New York or in New England — you’re looking at a lot of time on the interstates. But on the plus side, if you’re the parent of a young skier who doesn’t need thousands of uninterrupted vertical feet, there are quite a few ski areas that fit the bill and are only a short drive away.

Mount Peter NY

This morning, the first measurable snow to hit our region since the day before Halloween got me motivated to check out a classic downstate family ski hill: Mount Peter in Warwick, NY. Mount Peter has three chairlifts to cover its 400 vertical feet, so even though there was a good crowd today, we never waited in a lift line.

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