Mount Peter: Spring into Action

Skiers have an ambiguous attitude towards springtime. When the weather turns warm around this time of year, we know that ski season will end soon. On the other hand, spring skiing is tons of fun.

That’s why, last week, when the snow in my front yard disappeared, I wasn’t despondent.

I admit I was jealous of the people who were able to get away midweek to make some spring turns while I worked. My social media was filled up with pictures of people skiing soft bumps and corn snow under the warm sun. Mixed in with the jealousy was excitement at the prospect of getting after some awesome spring turns myself.

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Mount Peter: Home Again

A home mountain is more then the place where you have a pass or where you ski the most. It’s about where your skiing story began, where your roots are. Your home mountain is your origin story, like the planet Krypton in Superman.

Mount Peter new quad

My ski story began at Jiminy Peak on a Sunday in 1989 that ended in a trip to the emergency room. Because of that, and all the time I spent there in the following years, I’ll always think of Jiminy as my home mountain. For my kids, and many New Yorkers, Mount Peter in Warwick New York is home.

Mount Peter has a decent amount of terrain variety for a 450-foot, 60-acre feeder hill, with some pitch over on skiers’ left where the racing kids practice. When my first son was born, I chose Mount Peter as the spot to teach them to ski.

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Mount Peter: Welcome Back in Time

Last week my eleven year old asked me to take him to Mount Peter. He’s been skiing bigger hills the last few years and has been stepping up his game lately so I was a little surprised that he wanted to return to the 450-foot feeder hill. Still, I think that all skiers remember their home mountain fondly. My son is lucky that his is such a special place, with so much history and charm.

When my older son started skiing, I looked around for a small area where he could learn. It had to be nearby, small, affordable with a good ski school and magic carpet. There are several feeder hills that fit the bill around the metro area and we tried them all out.

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