Plattekill: The Pull

As ski season moves into spring, I have to admit, I get weary of the driving. I worry I’ll sleep through the alarm, because secretly I want to sleep in. Ultimately, I answer the call because, as tired as I am, I know I’ll be jazzed, when I arrive at the mountain.

Spring presents me with another related challenge. In the same way migratory birds are compelled to take predetermined routes at predetermined times, I can’t escape my drive to be on the first chair. Even in the spring, when it might not make any sense, I can’t seem to help it.

My plan is to arrive an hour before lifts spin. This gives me extra time to get stuck in a little traffic, or slow down if conditions are snowy.

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Hunter Mountain First Melt

Spring skiing is something you can count on. Or at least it feels that way. As the inexorable warming that starts in March continues to build, all that snow has to melt. When that happens the skiing has got to be good, right?

NY Thruway

The odds of scoring perfect corn snow may or may not be higher than the odds of scoring powder. I have seven pow days this year, and if I get seven corn days, I’ll be ecstatic. Still, I believe there’s a perception among skiers that good spring skiing is somewhat inevitable.

But the last two years haven’t worked out that way for me. Like many of us, last year I missed spring completely. I didn’t ski any kind of melt before my last day, on March 8.

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Windham Wonderland

The 80’s track Blue Monday pumped out of the speakers as we bopped up to the Sixer. The throwback tune fueled the excitement of no lift lines. Bluebird on a Monday, with the hill to ourselves, perfection. We laughed as we rolled onto each lift – a complete 180 from the Sunday mass.

Full disclosure, I haven’t been to Windham in 10ish years, so I don’t know lots of things, like: do you hike to the Wilderness Bowl? Uphill traffic on a weekend!? Why was it called Cave Mountain? Anyway, I’m super stoked on this adventure.

The Giant and I arrived in the Catskills on Sunday to volunteer for The SHRED Foundation.

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