Plattekill: Runnin’ Down the Dream

It’s easier for me to get away to ski on Sundays. Saturday I get things done and on Sunday I ski. I’d rather ski all weekend, but when I can’t, getting in that one day, helps me move toward my goal of 35 days on snow.

We’re into the part of the season where the skiing is better if it’s warm. The forecast for Plattekill for Sunday was sunny and in the mid 40s. I assembled furniture and ran my errands on Saturday. After dinner, I watched a video with my girls, packed up my ski gear and crashed.

Even on spring days, when it really makes no sense, I arrive early. I set my alarm to allow me time to rise, get dressed and make coffee, before heading north. If I average the speed limit, I’ll arrive before opening with a comfortable buffer.

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Plattekill: Gotta Go To Know

Skiers say “you gotta go to know.” The saying implies that the skiing is often better than forecasts indicate. If you’re a local, it’s pretty simple, go and you know. For a flatlander, it’s a bit more complicated: make an educated guess, go, and then you’ll know, for sure.

Plattekill parking lot

My new thing seems to be single ski day weekends. This has been cutting down on my days, but it has also helped me compete in real life, allowing me to get $hit done on Saturdays. My wife has sensed the new pattern. On Friday she said to me, “Where are you skiing Sunday?”

I always keep an eye on Plattekill, for a lot of reasons. For one, skiing there makes my life a lot easier.

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NYSkiBlog’s 8th Annual Meeting

This 8th Annual Meeting recap was not supposed to be authored by me. I’ve already got two front page posts in a row, how much more can you take? I’m posting this one because it’s personal.

shovel snow on the ramp

It was no coincidence that I went all out last week, with three day trips in seven days. Two of those trips were the farthest I’d ever gone for a single day. On Sunday Scottski and I round tripped Gore, and on Wednesday we did it again to McCauley.

As I turned the page on another year, the multi-faceted “birthday effect” was again in play. My motivation to chase snow is even higher on my birthday. At the same time, those who count on me at home are more understanding about my disappearance into the mountains.

view from Upper Face
The Face

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