Big Tupper Photo Exhibit

Ski Big Tupper is presenting a slideshow of hundreds of photos of the mountain from construction in 1960 through the 1980s. Images will be shown on monitors throughout the base lodge.

Bobby Kennedy skis Big Tupper
Robert Kennedy at Big Tupper

Shots include helicopters setting the towers for Chair 3, ski jumping contests, and the classic image above of Bobby Kennedy loading onto Chair 1. The exhibit is running now through this Sunday 2/27 at Big Tupper.

Big Tupper: Lift 3 Approved

On Tuesday, inspectors from the New York State Department of Labor performed required load tests on Big Tupper’s Lift 3. The lift, crucial to Big Tupper’s operation this winter, passed every test performed.

Big Tupper Ski Lift 3

To load test the uphill side, inspectors placed 20 x 20 x 20-inch cardboard boxes on each chair, and fit each box with a plastic liner. The boxes were then filled with water. The volume of water in two boxes weighs approximately 400 pounds to simulate the weight of two people. With each container filled, the lift was operated through a full circuit. Hard stops were used to test cable strength and braking distance.

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Ski Big Tupper: The Summit

After inspecting the base area and touring the lower mountain with David Tomberlin, I finally connected with local legend Cliff Levers. Originally from Tupper Lake, Cliff has worked in oil fields, as an ironworker, and as an electrician. He came back to Tupper Lake in 2002, and has been there steadily since.


Cliff was understandably very focused on reaching the top of Lift 3 and the 3136-foot summit, as was I. Up we went. The road was steep and slick. At times, Cliff would stand up on the ATV. I assumed he was trying to get more weight on the front wheels, so, when ever he stood up — I threw all my weight forward into the space he’d vacated.

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