Wanted: Big Tupper Ski Reporter

The NYSkiBlog is looking for a reporter to cover skiing, conditions and happenings at the Big Tupper ski area in Tupper Lake, NY.

Responsibilities include skiing, picture taking and writing for NY Ski Blog and the NY Ski Forum. We’ll cover your lift tickets in exchange for your well-crafted prose and beautifully composed photographs. We’d like someone who could ski the hill at least once a month from opening until close. If interested send a note to us at [email protected].

9 comments on “Wanted: Big Tupper Ski Reporter

  1. If no one steps forward, let me know, I’ll make runs up there and HR won't have to cover my lift ticket, as I have a full season pass there…..Confused?

  2. The fact that you can’t get yourself from North River to Tupper Lake to ski for just one day out of the winter is illustrative of the core problem with Big Tupper and ACR.

    With all due respect to the hard working community volunteers, the ski product that is currently being offered is not likely to be of much interest to your readers.

  3. In regards to the last comment, how do you know who reads this?

    I for one will be there. Traveling from Buffalo to Whiteface it’s right on the way.

    I am sure it will be a great adventure for my family, and we ususally bring a small crowd.

  4. @Anon #1 – I don’t think I’ve said that I can’t get to Big Tupper this year. I certainly hope to ski on Mount Morris. The potential barrier is prepaid ski lessons for our five year old at Gore that we don’t want to miss. I’m curious to know if our readers are interested in seeing trip reports from BT. You might be surprised. Lower key hills like Big Tupper, Hickory and Plattekill are very appealing to me. Anyone else? Regardless, we’re plowing ahead. We’ll read through the email this weekend and probably pick someone for the job before the end of next week.

  5. I agree Harv; although I do not get the chance to frequent such tucked-away places, I love living through other’s TRs. If i find someone to travel with, I would love to check some of them out this season..

  6. Anon traveling from Buffalo to Whiteface. If you plan on skiing Big Tupper you better have enough room to pack Rock skis for everyone just in case. Otherwise the cheap lift ticket offered may be more than offset by the cost of Full Tunes that you’ll likely incur.

  7. We had a really good response to this opportunity, and it looks like we’re going with two Big Tupper reporters. Look for an announcement very soon, and some good reports this winter. Thanks to Big Tupper for helping us make this happen. Think snow.

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