Gore Mountain, NY: 3/15/10

Almost didn’t get out of bed this morning. 46 degrees in Scotia at 6:50. Arrived to an eerily empty lot around 9:30. Temp was 41 at the base. We knew that it was going to be soft — we were curious about how much of Sunday’s reported 6 inches remained.

The truth is … not too much, but that was just fine – the remaining snow was heavy, but really made the skiing great. About 5″ of ‘cream cheese’ as another blogger has reported. It was thick today, and a bit difficult down in the Straightbrook valley – but a good way to work on balance. This was some of the slowest “pow” ever. Fun none the less.

Riding up the Quad, the Summit was frosted in some clouds. It was damp today and it didn’t take long to get soaked.

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