Killington: Big and Better

Killington is the mountain I know best in Vermont. In college, I would spend five days riding there during College Fest and those times have left a lasting impression on me.


I was excited to get back this year and check out what’s new, especially the Snowdon Six Express and the Woodward Peace Park. Our plan was set: Alex the skier, Alex the snowboarder, Dave, Ally and Henry joined forces to share a place on the Killington access road just four minutes from the base.

I like to head to the Ramshead Lodge 20 minutes before the lifts spin to find a prime parking spot. I take the Ramshead lift up and either take a couple warm-up laps under the chair or just send it over to the K1 or Snowdon Six.

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Return to Smugglers Notch

I love New York. I love the ski history, the vast wilderness and the assortment of old-school ski hills. I also dig the proximity to Vermont and all that Green Mountain snow.

Vermont farm

Northern Vermont is something else. The East is challenging for skiers, as conditions can quickly go from pow to crunch.  But NoVT often escapes this fate, and even when it’s afflicted, it recovers more quickly than any other other part of the northeast.

Then there is Smugglers Notch.  For me the place has everything: old school vibe, Hall lifts, excellent tree skiing and 300 inches of snow. I haven’t been to every ski area north of I-89, but of those I have skied, I really dig Smuggs.

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Jay Peak: All the Way

Few things compare to sharing a cabin in the mountains with friends. When the call for an early season trip came, I had to answer. The mountain was Jay Peak and it’s been on my bucket list for too long.

Jay Peak tram line

The weather looked ominous, but I’d caught Face of Winter earlier in the week at the Stanley and I was more than a little hyped to get up to Vermont. After five hours in the car we found ourselves in the “Fun Haus” complete with wood-fired hot tub and Mardi Gras deer head above the toilet.

It was hard to sleep. Friday morning we drove 10 minutes to the mountain, getting glimpses of the Jay through the trees. Several inches of snow had fallen during the week and warm temperatures meant the snow would be soft.

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