Gore Mountain Easter Monday

I’ve been skiing weekdays this season. Obviously crowds are lighter, and it takes some juggling to manage work responsibilities. One loophole, our small company grants a lessor known holiday, Easter Monday. I headed to Gore.

It worked out pretty well. I had a 3-day weekend with the family then, after Easter dinner on Sunday, I drove north to our cabin in the Adirondacks. I’d forgotten how weird it feels to load your skis into your car when it’s 65 degrees and sunny.

When you get into the mountains, it starts to make sense again. There was little natural snow around, mostly just plow snow, but hey, I was in the mountains. Normally, if you’re not rolling in at say midnight, you can see the bumps on Rumor as you approach from the south on Route 28.


It’s hard for me to arrive so late. I’m always excited about being in the Adirondacks, and ideally I’d have some time to soak it in before bed; light a fire, maybe sit on the deck, have a beer and check out the stars. But I had to hit the sack, if I was going to get up, bang bumps all day, and then drive five hours home afterward.

My plan was to rise at dawn, pack up and head to the mountain. I never charged our water lines when I arrived, so it was quick and easy. On this day, I was skiing with Duck, a great ski partner for me. He’d skied Sunday and felt that the snow would be soft at opening. We agreed to meet at 7:45 on the deck.

Thanks for this Bone.

Sometime after 8am we rode the quad to the saddle and started to ski the lower mountain. Gore was running out of snow to connect routes down on the East Side. But it was soft and fun to ski the slalom to the bottom. We skied almost everything that was open, Sunway, Quicksilver, Pete’s, Wild Air.

On our fouth ride on the Adirondack Express, I got a call from Cork.  Hawkeye was going off, we should just come on up to the top. Down Wood In without an issue and up the new High Peaks chair.

As was recommended, we started on the Straightbrook side with Hawkeye. It was almost laughably skiable. I’ve skied cutup pow that was so light it skied like untracked pow, but I’ve never felt that with corn. There were piles of corn all around and you could push through them without any extra resistance. Even that lower, kinda boring when groomed section of the run, was excellent.

We skied many laps before moving across the mountain to Lies, and then eventually Rumor. Lies was soft with manageable bumps and Rumor was also soft with much bigger bumps, at the top. The middle and bottom sections were a total blast.

Duck ahead

We did Rumor three times, which for me is a lot. I’ve had full seasons when I never skied Gore’s steepest trail. On each run Duck beat me down, by a lot, and at one point he gave me credit for a good run, a real improvement in my hand position over just a few years ago. It felt good to hear him say it, he’s got classic form.

By our third Rumor run it was after 1pm, and we were ready to start working our way down.  But not before skiing several excellent runs on the North Side, which was just coming in to it’s own. On my last lift ride of the day, I got a call from my “healthcare system.”

I was scheduled for vax #1 on Wednesday, the day after tomorrow. After I was shot, I had some covidy side effects, but they weren’t even close to the case of covid I had. Friday I felt better, but not 100%, so I decided to call it, ruling out skiing Saturday’s closing day at Gore. I’m hoping that in 6 weeks, there will be snow, and I’ll be cleared for takeoff to Killington.

Whatever happens, for me this was great season. I’ve got 23 days in so far, which is well below my “normal season” average of 35. By my count, 18 of them were excellent. The rest were good. When you can take weekdays off, it really helps.

In the heart of the winter mother nature delivered. During that sweet mid-season run, temps were consistently cold for over six weeks, and we got regular snow. We never had that block buster storm, and we remain below our seasonal average for snow. But there is no denying the skiing was excellent for many weeks in a row.

The one day that moved into my Top 10 All Time Ski Days is the February Powderdaize at Plattekill, when it was so deep, we skied the entire mountain, with wild abandon. We skied the trees on the sunny side and it was unforgettable. At Gore, my best skiing was the two days of packed out trees I skied right before the rain that ended our great run of snow.

I’m shouting out the ski industry, especially in New York.  Here’s to Bone and all the GMs and the owners, who took a risk blowing snow in November.  Here in NY it looks like that faith paid off. You could hear it in the parking lots: new skiers discovered our state. I can’t wait to see the numbers.

FWIW, I actually think the Vermont restrictions turned out ok. A bunch of people didn’t go and a bunch did, it seemed like VT did OK amount as far as covid cases. The situation probably encouraged a lot of day tripping, which to me seemed pretty harmless. Ski areas surely suffered lost revenue, but they did open. It’s my hope that opening was good for them financially, in the long run.

I’m also hoping to post some pictures of snow from Big K in six weeks when I’m fully vaxxed. Superstar looks fat and I’ve already written my post title: “Return to Vermont!”

Skiing in New York ended too soon, but it’s been a great season. Post a shout out in the comments, tell us about your year and shout to your favorite mountain, if they came through for you in a tough season.

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  1. Cheers Harv! It was an awesome season. Glad we linked up quite a few times on some deep dayz. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

  2. After skiing Gore 5x (for me a record, as covid obliterated all wrestling meets, swim meets and most other fatherly obligations re: my 4 offspings plus skier older daughter home instead of NYC grad school) including once just 2 days after Whiteface, we concluded that Cori is the best Mountain in New York State and thus I bought the season pass and skiied three more times after March 17 for free. Even took one of my 65-year-old friends who never skied in his life and spent three hours with him on the bunny slope teaching him his first snow plow. Last day was Thurs April 8, skied rumor/lies 2x and got 10 runs in between 9:15 and 12, I had to leave to get back to Albany for all my afternoon meetings. As I descended the gondola (since only upper mtn open) I thanked the operators for a fantastic “coffee break” and seeya next winter. For those of us who live in less than an hour and a half from Gore, the season pass allows us to ski for three hours with no guilt of wasting money, it makes it much easier to pick the perfect morning.

  3. Sounds like that was a great day. With this, that and the other, Connie and I barely broke even on our passes, but the days were all better than expected and the social anxiety was barely a factor. I second the respect to Mike, Bone, Tammy and all the employees who made it the best season it could be given the hand dealt them. I hope the final bookkeeping shows reward for the efforts. The mountain improvements just keep making more and more options for a great multi-day experience and keep ’em coming!

  4. Less Gore. So much Less Gore.

    Meh. My favorite thing to do at Gore is leave. It’s been literally decades since I had the pleasure.

  5. Ohhhh Noah just go back under your troll bridge, because those of us here love More Gore!

  6. Great report, I wish I was there. Noah we don’t miss you. STILL Proud to call Gore my home mountain! Duck’s Birthday is May 1 (Might be a big one)…Kmart Birthday Party! I’ll be there unless it’s a deluge.

  7. Sounds like you had a great day and great season despite all the obstacles we all faced.

  8. Gad, you’re at the time in your life that now you can choose your ski days. Looking forward to the time when I can start choosing my ski days, I still had a great time at Gore this season skiing weekends. Catskills had a really good Feb and I used my Orda pass 22 times this year. My hope every year is 40 days. This season I took what I could get.

  9. Nice Harv! What’s the deal with the chairlift wheel inside?

    I was at Gore only one time during a high school trip where our teachers/ chaperones tried to stay with students on the hill, I still remember Mr Saratella asking me “why the hell did I bring him to this trail!” (One of their steepest) because as he said how he gave me a good grade on our last test, he was an awesome teacher great sense of humor.

    When you’re going to the big K if you want to stay over I will get you hooked up at my friends condo near the base for a cheap price, as with anyone else on here is going to K, let me know.

  10. Harv, FYI you don’t need to wait 6 weeks to visit Killington. Vermont’s updated travel guidance, which became effective April 9, states “People who had COVID-19 within the last 3 months and have recovered do not need to test or quarantine unless they develop new symptoms.”


    The way I read it, you should be good to go. See you on Superstar!

  11. I would love to be at Killington on May 1 for Duck’s Birthday. I’d be pushing it a bit as it is three months since my illness now. Thanks Jeff!

    The bullwheel was left in place and painted. The warming hut was original the top station for Gore’s old red gondola.

  12. I hadn’t even read the article or looked at the pictures until I saw someone comment about the bull wheel. That’s a nice interior accent. Someone’s obviously been watching a lot of HGTV.

  13. Whats a Noah type doing reading this awesome ski blog anyway? Addition by subtraction right?

    Thanks Harvey always a great write up, has any one seen the Soule Man?

  14. Ya Harv
    Bummed to missed the runs at Gore and the POW at Platty
    Vermont was good with restrictions, imo.
    Had lots of days including today!!!!
    See ya next year!!

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