Neve on the Hill

On New Years Eve 2009, Neve Fox strode confidently out onto the hill for the first time. Led by her instructor and her mom Zelda, she made her way up the Bear Cub slope.

BJ, Gore Mountain instructor extraordinaire, explained the basics of stance, high-five, snow angels and all the other skills crucial to becoming a top-flight skier.

Over the course of the next month, teacher and student worked together tirelessly, to develop Neve’s technique, style and enthusiasm.

By mid-January she was riding the Bear Cub Poma all by herself.

In February, she started linking turns, on her own, without any contact with her instructor. Dad took to lurking in the trees to capture these spy photos without creating any distraction.

As you might expect, Mom and Dad are extremely proud and excited. We send all of our gratitude the Gore Mtn Ski School, and especially BJ, for nurturing Neve’s love of winter sports.

8 comments on “Neve on the Hill

  1. Ah! She got her talent from her Italian blood (mind you we cousins, don’t ski too much but WE DO HAVE TALENT in general) :D!

  2. Awesome, Harv! My 5yr old is in her 2nd year of Mountain Adventure and loves it. Watched her come down the NASTAR course 2 weeks ago and I couldn’t believe how far she’s come! Some–not all–of those instructors do an incredible job of both coaching and exhibiting patience….

  3. PS–if you think that’s awesome, wait till you’re riding the chair up together. You’ll never wish for high speed detachable quads again.

  4. 70s Gore Kid:

    Grumpy old Gore Kid learned to ski on the Goree Gully chairlift in 1974. How is it that we had a chairlift for beginning children, and today’s kids get a Poma? Anyway, cute photos!

  5. Harv, I’m amazed at how much Neve has advanced in less than one season. Get her on the snow as much as you can for the rest of the winter, whether that’s in a lesson or not. Next winter, you might consider the Mountain Adventure program for her. I’d start out small: the 6-week half day program. What’s great is that you and Zelda can ski on your own while Neve is in her lesson, then you can all ski together as a family for the rest of the day after the lesson. And maybe in a couple years she can play “big sister” on the slopes to my 2-yr-old daughter!

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