The Hudson Trail (Circa 1952)

The Hudson Trail

“The photo of the Hudson trail above was taken in the early 50s by my father LeRoy Bishop. He was the photographer of the family. Skier in the photo was his brother, my uncle Roderick Bishop. Rod was the younger and the better skier.

I always liked that top section of the Hudson trail.

I started skiing on the rope tows at the bottom of Old Gore when I was 8 years old, in 1956. Our family went skiing every Sunday all winter in fair or foul weather. We had a whole group of families from Glens Falls that skied there all the time.”

Photo and text courtesy Peter Bishop

3 comments on “The Hudson Trail (Circa 1952)

  1. Thanks to Peter Bishop (aka Hudson Hiker) for this Photo of The Hudson Trail at Old Gore.

    In his words:

    “I can’t tell you when it was from, or for sure who took it. I think it was taken by my Dad and may be of his brother, my uncle Rod.”

  2. Amazing to see how few trees there are out in the distance. That view is much more forested today…

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