Greek Peak: Soft Sunday

Greek Peak is a mountain I know well from my college days. I spent a lot of time on the slopes that might have been better spent going to class. But then if I had gone to class, maybe I wouldn’t be writing this piece. I’m always excited to get back to a place I know well.


With recent snow, Greek was sure to be in good condition. I called Alex and made plans to meet for first chair. He was ready to get some use out of his Indy Pass.

The trails off Lift 1A looked prime, so we took a few runs to warm up. High speed laps on the corduroy always get the blood flowing. Empty lift lines and new RFID gates meant we skied onto the lift most of the morning.

Visions Express

Before too long it was 9:30, and we crossed the mountain heading for Chair 5. The closed sign on Arcadian Gate was visible as we got to the top. I asked the liftie when it would be opening, he pointed to the two ski patrolmen behind me. “When they get off the chair.” Luck is always part of the equation.

We let the patrolman flip the sign and get some head room before dropping in. We weren’t expecting fresh tracks but maybe some poachable terrain in the sidecountry. We found it and happily rode through the cutup snow that was surprisingly light. Arcadian gate was all natural and ungroomed, providing a lot of space to roam and find fresh turns.


Off to Chair 2 looking for tighter turns in Aesops glades. The coverage was good but it was tracked out. We headed for a old stash I remembered and got about 300 feet of fresh turns. I’ll take it.

After that score we needed food. We cruised Castor all the way to the Trax pub.


We quickly destroyed our burgers and craft pints before linking up with Greek local Steve. He’s a coach with the CNY Freeride team and overall ripper. We took a lap around the mountain heading back to the East Side to take another pass at Arethusa Way. Skier’s right was less tracked, providing the more fresh turns.

On our way back to the main base we lapped through the park so Steve could help with terrain park duties. Alex and I were shot, so we called it a day.

riding the trees

Every time I go back to Greek it feels new but still familiar. Sure the infrastructure has been updated, but I still remember skipping class to catch powder days and learning 270 out’s on rails here. And my powder stash is still there, I’m not telling where.

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11 comments on “Greek Peak: Soft Sunday

  1. My daughter went to Syracuse and had never skied — went there (night skiing) and now a member of PSIA for many years and taught ADAPTIVE skiing.

    They had a great adaptive instructor there who was also an examiner — this gem has produced some incredible skiers — a memory.

  2. Sounds like a great day at Greek Peak Robert, and thanks for the Indy plug! Have an awesome season! ??❄️#indyrevolution, #powdertothepeople, #loveyourlifty

  3. Warm fall and early winter meant a slow start, but thanks to the owner’s attitude about blowing snow whenever we can and finally having the cold, the guns and infrastructure to support it, we are now having a great season. I am optimistic that lift further lift improvements are coming in the near future. All the parts for a big upgrade for the bunny slope, Alpha’s Chair 3, can be seen on the hill, if you know where to look. As an instructor whose mission in life seems to be training first-timers, I really look forward to that.

    We are in desperate need of staff, especially lift and hill operations (groomers and snowmaker). But almost all positions are available. So if you want a part or full time job, seasonable or permanent, (and a season pass for $15.00)…. we are hiring like crazy.

    See ya this afternoon!

  4. Grew up skiing at Greek as well and loved the post.

    Great going down memory lane from your experience.


  5. @Benny, I would say real lines didn’t start forming till lunch time. From opening chair to 10am it was empty

  6. Wow. Compare that to pictures of lines at Vail owned resorts on Facebook this weekend, or, a lot of weekends this season. Did the Greek customer from Pa. get stolen by the Epic pass?

  7. @Benny it was pretty busy in the afternoon, the parking lot was filled up when I left. I would wager that even Vail resorts are significantly less busy at first chair. Its always worth getting to it early.

  8. #IndyPass got me to drive from PA. to Greek Peak for the first time on Weds. the 19th. It is a great day spent with my 8 yr. old daughter. I ski Patrol at Blue Mt and the conditions at Greek peak were waayyyy better then our rock solid surface at Blue so far this season. .
    Thank You, Greek Peak and Doug Fish.

  9. Used my Indy Pass there last year. Really great place that feels bigger than it appears on its trail map. Has some cool gladed runs and a variety of interesting trails. Definitely looking forward to going back.

  10. So far this year Greek has been able to absorb the weekend crowds fairly well, with the exception of Chair 3, which serves Alpha. It is now over 50 and lacks a variable speed motor. It works fine and is a reliable workhorse but it gets crowded with beginners who have trouble loading and unloading, and has to be stopped, reset, and restarted all weekend long. So the line on a warm sunny weekend afternoon will be 10 to 15 minutes. Hopefully this is its final season.

    If you’ve got a green skier whose comfy on the Alpha slope get them on Chair 2 on the weekends, go up to Castor and they will enjoy well over a mile of gentle consistent green skiing on what I think is the best green trail in upstate NY. Plus, Chair 2 was rebuilt 15 years ago, it has a variable speed motor, larger seats, and is far easier for beginners to load than Chair 3 on Alpha.

    The line at the newer 4 person Visions lift can get a bit crazy, though I doubt you will ever wait more than 5 minutes. If that’s too much, if we have the staff we open Chair 1, Chair 4 and 5. Chair 4 was busy last weekend. I had to wait 5 minutes in what seemed like a long line. Chair 5 is a 3 person lift and I can’t recall ever having more 4 or 5 groups of 3 in front of me. Chair 5 is currently serving green, blue and black, although the black trail has thin cover.

    The parking lot may look crowded sometimes but it’s not always skiers and boarders. Greek hosts small conventions, business meetings, private clubs, parties and weddings all year round in the hotel and at the base of the hill. Ski clubs, racers and school groups are using the A-frame to free up space elsewhere.

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