Woods Valley Pond Skim 2019

Like many NY ski resorts, Woods Valley closed on Sunday. It was the 89th day of their 54th year and it was a good one. There were festivities, bands and events all through the weekend, including everyone’s favorite, pond skimming.


If Sunday was my last day this season I couldn’t ask for better. It was t-shirt skiing with low 60s and classic corn snow. Most of the mountain was open with 12 trails so I showed up around 11 a.m. and took a few laps.

Coverage was great without any bare spots. It was a surreal feeling standing at the top of the little mountain. I tried to savor every carve and slash knowing it could be my last for 6 months or more.

snowboarder pond skimming

In the morning it was only the hardcore on the hill, those familiar faces I saw after work and on weekends. By noon the party had started, the bar was full and the costumes were outrageous.

I met my parents for a drink before heading over to the pond. I made my way over to Timmy’s Run and joined the line waiting to rip across the pond. It was like the last day of school, I was surrounded by the people I had been skiing with all year.

pond skim fail

Good vibes and cheers surrounded us as we waited for our chance rip across the water. It put into perspective the great year I’ve had, and all the people I’ve met along the way.

Eventually it was my turn — and no matter how many times I’ve done it — there’s always a little bit of nervousness deep down. No turning back now, just point your tips down hill and lean back.

Woods Valley pond skiing

Ski patrol did a fine job on the transition and soon enough I found myself sailing across open water to the other side. It doesn’t hit you ’til you’ve made it, the cheers of the crowd and the pats on the back.

I didn’t lay down a spray into the crowd or do any cool moves, but I stayed dry and in the end that’s what matters. As a spectator I was content to enjoy the party and watch while others try to make it across.

pond skim fail

Eventually I said my goodbyes to my winter home and headed off for dinner with my parents.

Sunday was my 67th day of the season. For me everything beyond 60, my preseason goal, is a bonus. I had incredible season with old friends and met a lot of great people too.

Woods Valley patrol

I want to thank all the owners, managers, lifties and ski patrol who took the time to speak with me. You are the lifeblood of the ski business, making it happen against some tough odds.

I appreciate the chance to write for NYSkiBlog and I want to thank those who read and commented. It has been a great opportunity to explore something I am passionate about. And it’s taken me to some of the lesser known corners of NY. I feel accomplished.

See you for first chair next year.

7 comments on “Woods Valley Pond Skim 2019

  1. Great write up!! It was my first year on ski patrol and I can personally say there wasn’t a bad day to be had all season. Woods Valley is my second home and I’ll miss being there every Saturday!!

  2. 60 days in a season is pretty impressive. You got some great shots of that pond skim.

    Nice job on the blog this year. My favorite writer – you covered many mtns in NY that don’t get the love they should.

    See you next year.

  3. ^^Agree.

    Chad our ability to get writers has been limited to some extent by the people I meet, and they tend to ski where I do, in eastern NY and VT. But Robert reached out to us, and it has really helped us move forward with broader coverage. We also really want someone out in far western NY.

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