Snow Ridge Powder Day! (Video)

Over the past month, fresh snow has been a scarce commodity in New York State, the northeast and across most of the continent. After a long drought, Ullr pushed some cold arctic air across Lake Ontario and dropped a foot of lake-effect blower on Tug Hill. The just released video is from Tuesday’s Powder Day at Snow Ridge.

Snow Ridge Lake Effect from Ted Battesh on Vimeo.

“Skiing groomers on manmade snow was getting old, pretty quickly. When I heard that the Tug Hill Plateau area was about to get hammer with lake effect snow — to the tune of 2-3 feet — it got my attention. I kept an eye on the radar and snowfall totals.”

6 comments on “Snow Ridge Powder Day! (Video)

  1. That is true but it is all relative, as that was likely the only powder skiing happening in NY that day.

  2. I get what you are saying anon. Maybe I did go overboard. I realize that 10+ inches at Snow Ridge from one event isn’t normally a big headline. This season … I felt it deserved an exclamation point. Riverc0il of calls it a powder day if it’s six inches of fresh or more. That works for me.

  3. ^Those are skins. You attach them to the bottom of your skis to make them sticky so they don’t slide backwards when you are climbing uphill. You use them with AT bindings, which release at the heel for climbing. With this setup, you essentially have cross country skis for climbing. You remove the skins at the top of the mountain and attach the heel piece of the binding, so you have regular alpine skis for the descent.

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