Snow Ridge: Lost in Powder

Recently on reddit I saw a comment calling NYSkiBlog the hot toddy of Northeast ski journalism, I guess we are warm and fuzzy. I took it as a compliment. It’s true, I’m generally pretty positive about my riding experience. This year it hasn’t been hard; I’ve had four solid powder days already.

In a year where nothing is normal, for me riding is the place to find normalcy. The vertical doesn’t really matter, for that length of time it takes me to get down the hill, I forget about everything. Each resort is working to find normalcy as well.

After a summer of fundraising for a new patio and jumping on the Indy Pass, Snow Ridge has had a quiet start to the season. It was only a matter of time before the wind started blowing off Lake Ontario, and the Ridge regained epic status.

Still riding the high from a Bills win over the Ravens, we loaded up the car and were headed to the Tug Hill by 7am. Alex and Evan wanted the first chair and I didn’t blame them, a foot of snow had fallen and more was expected throughout the day. We arrived before the parking lot was even plowed and took our time stretching and gearing up.

Soon enough we were headed up behind patrol. Below us was a field of untouched powder with one cat track down the middle. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the snow and the conditions underneath. When the storm started it was wet and heavy, but over night it had gotten colder.

It turns out the conditions were perfect, it was a ski anywhere kind of day. It wasn’t blower snow but still made for effortless face shots. It was all smiles.

We rode all the open terrain under the Ridge Runner chair until it started getting chewed up and then moved further North into the trees. The Silver Glades and Sugar Bush Glades had the goods and we popped in and out of the trees slashing at the stashes.

We were told by the lifties that the North Chair and Snow Pocket T Bar would not be running Sunday but would be on MLK Monday. I’m jealous of anyone who had Monday off. Still, there was lots of terrain available. We ventured as far North as Cruikshanks wanting to avoid the hike out.

After quite a few runs we made a plan to get lunch and that’s when I realized I lost my camera. I was sad, the camera isn’t anything special, but the photos from the day were special,to me.

I’m starting to think the phrase “No friends on a powder day” originated from a jaded west coast skier. I had the whole mountain looking for the camera, offering free beer to anyone who delivered the goods. All day people asked me if I had found it yet or where I was when I lost it.

I retraced all my steps and as the day ended I was convinced it was gone until spring. Our final run of the day was down the south slope. As we took our boards off and admired our handy work on the mountain, I heard “I have your camera!” I was ecstatic.

A snowboard instructor had been given the camera by a stranger who saw him in the pictures. This called for a victory lap. We let it all hang out on one last glorious rip down the mountain! Whoever found the camera, thank you. I’ll promise pay it forward on the next powder day.

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15 comments on “Snow Ridge: Lost in Powder

  1. Nice report and great that someone returned your camera. My favorite lost-item story was ten years ago during a powder day at Jackson Hole, my rental-car keys went MIA and I was looking at a $300 replacement fee. Someone found them near the top of the Thunder chair — no idea how they fell out or how someone saw them in the fresh snow, but I was similarly grateful.

  2. Looks like you guys are having fun in all that powder. Hopefully your having a great snow year! I was an avid skier and boy do I miss it. Have fun!!!

  3. I love reading your reports, but I am not familiar with the locations of the ski areas. Could you please include where the area is located?

  4. Thought about going on Sunday but we had a group going to xc ski in Winona, which was quite nice. Silly me for organizing the girls for a xc ski day when the snow was piling up at Snow Ridge. We considered going Monday to ride the Tbar but after a full day of driving/skiing on Sunday none of us were motivated to get up early and drive up again. Instead I had a blissful powder day at Greek Peak and skied effortless powder (3″ on top of soft base) for a full 4 hours. Looking to go to Snow Ridge tomorrow. Hoping the winds off Lake Ontario takes the right aim as we already bought our tickets.

  5. Cameras need a ‘name tag’…

    Keys are expensive. They deserve a pocket with a zipper…

    When you go to ‘camp’ you always need to mark your stuff…

    Left a back pack on a train in Switzerland. Took a couple of days but I got it back since my name was attached.

  6. Those are some exciting pics. Looks like you guys scored. Glad you found your camera. I went through that without the happy ending.

  7. I lost my phone on Topridge at Gore last February. It made it down to Lost and Found at Base Lodge before I did! A skier gave it to a liftie………..there are still many thoughtful folks out there.
    Nice post!

  8. Epic! I’ve lost 2 gopros to low hanging tree branches over the years. One at Jay and one in British Columbia. Both in deep powder, and neither were ever seen again! Good to hear you relocated yours, pow days are always more memorable when you can look back at the footy and still frames!

  9. Thanks everyone, good vibes.

    Not too late to still score some freshies! Another 8 to 10″ coming off the lake tonight the ridge is open 10 to 4 tomorrow.

  10. Awesome write-up on an awesome mountain. I was there yesterday and they did indeed open the Pocket T-bar. I was crushing fresh lines until 1 in the afternoon. Glades were fully in play. No lines. What a terrific place to ski.

  11. Great TR. I miss those days. As a Meteorology student at Qswego I used to hit Snow Ridge when the Ontario snow machine kicked in full gear. My last time was Dec. 30 1999 when I left my ACL on the ledges(if I remember correctly) a bit to the lookers right…It’s been a while but if I get the Indy pass next year I’ll be back.

  12. Jealous. Might have to leave the 50% of normal snow at Heavenly Valley to find powder in NY!! Used to find all sorts of good stuff when the snow melted at the ski areas

  13. East Coast!!! We gotta love what we get! Hot Groomers or Ice.. or POWDER DAYS!!! All the best to yall!!! Day 4 of Powder Runs at JAY!!!!
    I just seem to find peoples trash or their ski holder straps! Ha
    Peace! Be Well!!

  14. Great story, the last time I skied at Snow Ridge was over 25 years ago! Looking forward to heading up there this week.

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