The Ski Season in Photos #3

Hunter Ski Patrol on Minya
Bumps on Minya Konka • Hunter Mtn, NY • December 25, 2011

Like many of us, ml242 is another one who loves to ski.  And like most of us, he knows that getting his significant other jazzed about skiing is crucial for maximizing his ski days.

This season he was on a mission. He did all kinds of creative things this season share his love for our sport with his friend Amy.  One of the most notable: a romantic Valentine’s ski overnight at the Roxbury Hotel.  But, as we all know, some things are under our control and other things aren’t. Conditions this season were challenging. Early season was especially difficult, but on Christmas day Hunter delivered.

“Overall, we were impressed with the snow Hunter cranked out. Riding the six-pack, we heard a group from Whistler commenting that the skiing was “a little different from back home, but really quite fun.” Hunter was in great shape, conditions have really turned around from last week and ropes are dropping fast.

Now it’s Ullr’s turn. We need some help from the sky to take it to the next level, and to get the natural-snow-dependent mountains like Hickory and Big Tupper going. May the force be with us.”

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  1. Lets all hope for more natural next yr but it will take a lot more than that to get Big Tupper up and running. The so called developer, Tom Lawson is holding on financially by the skin of his teeth. NO investors, No cash and a laundry list of locals he owes money to, Contractors, Lumber Supply Cos, Propane dealers, Trash haulers, grocery store, overdue property taxes, federal tax liens, even the local high school kid has to hound him for overdue grass cutting bills.

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