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Scarpa T2xI’ve been eyeing up the Scarpa T2x for two years now. I got a Mountain Gear catalog last night and noticed that they’ve been discontinued. Replaced with something called the T2 ECO β€” a newer version made out of mazzola instead of dead dinosaurs. “Protect the backcountry while you ski it!” OK.

I truly have no business buying these bad boys. My old T2’s are a little beat but basically ok. I’ve gone to a wider ski (Atomic RT-86) but still, I don’t HAVE to have stiffer boots.

I’m sitting here in the office and I started Googling the T2Xs. Everyone’s got them on sale because they are discontinued. Looking, looking, looking… of course NONE are in my size β€” a fairly average size 10 foot. Then I find some Wilderness Experience in Colorado – ONE PAIR IN MY SIZE.

It was almost completely involuntary. The credit card practically did all the work itself and I was an innocent bystander. I might have some real explaining to do but I’m covered. I just bought my wife a full new setup at Steiner’s Sports a few weeks ago.

Now we need some colder temps!

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  1. Innocent bystander, eh? Be proud! Think of how much your purchase is helping move the economy forward! And you know what that means… now that the economy is starting to move forward thanks to the help of skiers like you and me… next thing you know we’ll be offered promotions and raises! All for helping ourselves to the latest and greatest ski gear. Isn’t this world GREAT!?!

  2. Steve – There’s no QUESTION that skiers are doing their part to keep the economy rolling. Nothing more reliable than the product demand that comes from the truly addicted. CB and I did our part this year.

    So …Jay Peak is spending some serious cash up there this year renovating the hell outta the place …it’s just about now they’re realizing you BAILED on them and they are so bummin.

  3. I did not bail on Jay, I will still get 10 days up there this season. I just did not think I could make a season pass worth while financially and I wanted to do more earned turns and not feel locked down. I will still be up there for at least 10 powder days and they will get lots of free press from my TR's.

    Besides, all that investment they are making up will not benefit me aside from the new bar Tramside. Hotel One is going to be $$$$ and I could care less about an ice area. They build out West Peak and then we'll be talking! πŸ™‚

  4. Ultimately your stimulus program will be more equitable … spread throughout New England.

    I need to check out West Peak and Jay in general. I’ve never been. It’s funny…I learned about Jay Peak one day in the early or pre-season. I Googled “best powder skiing in the east” and Jay Peak came up. Nuts that I haven’t been there. But it is a haul from here.

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