November Magic!

It was called “White Saturday.” With the early season snow, Magic Mountain in Southern Vermont chose to spin the legendary Red Chair for one day only. The unprecedented event would be news for beating last year’s opening. Even bigger, it was still only November.

Prime Friday

Friday night is Prime at the Black Line Tavern, and we grabbed some of Vermont’s finest nourishment in preparation for the next morning.

On that day after Thanksgiving, we were thankful to have many Magic families show up for the occasion, including, of course, the family of our leader.


No task too small he can be seen parking cars to flipping burgers on the deck in Springtime. Say hello, or give him the preferred Magic HI-5. Extremely stoked for the season to begin he gave a “thumbs up” for the early go-ahead.

A familiar crew assembled quietly. Young and old, no matter. We’re all Magic skiers and Saturday was the day we skied it in November.

Petey Slays

It felt like we never left and this was an odd continuation of last year. We rode ole’ Red to the top and all things were right again.

First turns revealed that the dense snow was exceptional, for any time of year. We continually remind ourselves… this was not mid-winter.

Magic Mountain Pinhead

Families that ski together… this guy always brings his boots home from college in Colorado hoping to shred with his dad and friends on holiday breaks. Magic just never gets old.

Bob kept taking runs knowing each one was costing him in babysitting. He seemed ok with it. The hoots came often, the hollers got louder and the HI-5’s were basically hugs.

Magic to the end

Personally, I would have been happy skiing a death ribbon in November. This was almost too much.

Countless great Magic days over the years. Never November! It was one of the most memorable days at Magic that I can recall. It almost felt like a closing day, but even more special, with a full winter ahead. Where Magic happens.

9 comments on “November Magic!

  1. Not until I arrived Saturday morning to pick up my pass, did I believe the conditions were so good. I felt I was missing out, and I was, but then this week happened and tomorrow will be day 1 at Magic for me, with a 20 inch POW day to boot! As Geoff says, Snovember is something not to miss this year, and I won’t.

  2. Early last Saturday morning found me in Lot One at Stratton. Sparkling mid-winter top-to-bottom conditions not tracked out until around noon, when I called it a day. Given what happened during the Michigan – Ohio State game I should have stayed up there.

    Bluebird skies and very good snow, a very festive atmosphere. “Happy Thanksgiving” was always followed by laughter. It was a great day, even with limited open terrain and the inevitable post-lunch overcrowding.

    Great day. Hopefully the harbinger of many more to come this season.

    Can’t wait to go back.

  3. Wow! congratulations to all! thanks for the nice pictures and words!
    One of the best ski-days of my life was with my son, Julian, some years ago and I love your place!! Julian was over at Sugarloaf yesterday and he had a great report as well.
    Very cool and carry on!

  4. Families that ski together… this guy always brings his boots home from college in Colorado hoping to shred with his dad and friends on holiday breaks. Magic just never gets old.

    We agree – our slogan is “A Family That Skis Together, Stays Together” –

    Great story..
    would love to get you in the story…

  5. Saturday White Saturday at Magic….Way beyond my expectations…Best November day in memory on the east coast!!!!! Great job Geoff and Magic staff!!!!!!!!

  6. Ray Alba (and family of course)

    I am coming to New Hampshire 1/3-1/10. Anyway the Alba clan could assemble in NH to meet the Ciscokid and his extended family? (brother and wife and 5 kids)

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