North Creek Ski Bowl Trail Map (2011)

While doing our annual check of all of our ski links, we noticed that the Gore Mountain trail map has been updated to include the glades added to the North Creek Ski Bowl this off-season.

The obvious new additions to the map are the tree runs on skier’s left: the Hudson and Ski Bowl Glades. Two years ago, I walked the Hudson Chair liftline when it was being installed. There are some wide-open hardwood stands on that side, that have the potential to be as exciting the rest of the North Creek Ski Bowl terrain.

The new glades are made possible by the recent land swap of 26 acres between the Town of Johnsburg and Front Street Development. It’s still undetermined on what side of 46er snowmaking will be installed on and whether or not the Hudson Glades will benefit from snowmaking blowby on the trail. Gore Mountain management is optimistic that 46er will have snowmaking for the start of the 2012-2013 season.

For a more recent trail version of North Creek Ski Bowl trail map visit the NYSkiBlog Directory.

4 comments on “North Creek Ski Bowl Trail Map (2011)

  1. Did the average winter temperatures and snowfall depth in downtown North Creek change in the past 15 years that I have been away? If not, how often will there be enough natural to open those low elevation glades?

  2. @Benny … the sections parallel to the 46er headwall are quite steep. Part of the reason for the landswap was to allow skiers to (continue to) skirt the headwall in the trees which, without snowmaking, was unpassable for most of the season.

    @Kid – did you click on the second link in the post above? It connects to a ski bowl TR from 2/27. The trees in the ski bowl are wide open and were skiable without any clearing. Locals skied those trees several days, and in many cases it was the best skiing on the hill. Why not do a little work to make it more skiable? And once there is snowmaking on 46er, maybe Hudson will be able to capture some snowmaking blowby. Consider Hickory: farther south and at a lower base elevation – delivered some incredible tree skiing last year. Good move in my book.

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