The Mountains Less Traveled: Québec Ski Safari

As much as I love the mountains of New York State, getting outta Dodge is also an important part of my ski season. October is the month where I stop dreaming and start making concrete plans for destination trips.

View from Le Massif.

For me, it’s all about the process — first, committing to specific dates and deciding on the region or mountain I’d like to ski. Then comes the hard part, asking myself what I want from that fantasy week. Stay in one place or travel around? Dirtbag or detonate my savings? Visit something truly different or stick with the familiar?

Sometimes, the answers to these types of questions come easily, and everything falls into place quickly. Other times, it takes years to make a dream trip happen, but those are often the most memorable.

Read this issue of NY Ski Magazine:

Ski Safari Along The St. Lawrence River, Québec