Greek Peak Press Conference: June 13, 2013

Greek-Peak-LogoAt a press conference today in the Hope Lake Lodge, the new owners of Greek Peak announced that the resort is getting a fixed-grip quad lift with conveyor loading to replace its frontside lift 1A. The $2 million Doppelmayr is to be installed by next winter on an ambitious schedule, John Meier and Marc Stemerman announced at press conference at the resort’s Hope Lake Lodge. It represents the bulk of $3 million in improvements they plan for next season.

Other upgrades include improvements to snowmaking plumbing along Iliad to fix leaks; a new grooming machine; a new bar, outdoor deck and pizza oven at Orion’s Pub, the main tavern in the resort’s base lodge, a gear tuning center with state-of-the-art equipment and a new rental fleet of skis and snowboards from Rossignol.

More is coming, said Stemerman and Meier, but they want to be sure to not overextend their investments. They bought the resort out of bankruptcy court reorganization proceedings in April for $7.6 million, after previous owner Peak Resorts’ lender failed, and are financing the improvements as they are the purchase.

The new Doppelmayr’s uphill capacity is rated up to 2,400 passengers per hour, but the plan is to remove about a quarter of the chairs to space out loading while running the lift faster, Meier said. Chairs could be added back later.

The model’s conveyor loading is expected to help avoid the numerous stops that plague 1A, while also reducing lift lines, Meier and Stemerman believe. It’ll be the main daily lift, with 1 fired up as needed. The lift entry will have automated gates to further help load.

RFID ticketing was looked at and can’t be ruled out, but it’s too expensive right now, according to Wes Kryger, who is managing the ski resort proper.

No new terrain is expected for next winter, but Stemerman and Meier have expressed interest in opening up new glades and are consulting with Greek Peak woods aficionados on where that might happen, they said. They also hope to upgrade the terrain park, acknowledging riders’ frustrations with offerings up to now.

There’s not likely to be any major change in snowmaking for this coming year, but Kryger said a consultant is being asked for an update on a plan developed for Greek Peak several years ago, primarily to boost efficiency. Upgrades to aging equipment appear to be the immediate priority, he indicated.

Off the snow, the Orion’s upgrade will come with an outdoor deck that will extend over the stream between the lodge and lifts, according to Stemerman. They also plugged Hope Lake Lodge, saying time-share units are discounted half-off their original price, and occupancy rates of units managed for hotel customers have turned up toward buyers’ break-even point.

As for summer activities, Stemerman and Meier said lift-served mountain biking might be in the works down the road, but meanwhile they’re boosting the all-season Adventure Center with laser tag, outdoor movies and a rock-climbing wall.

9 comments on “Greek Peak Press Conference: June 13, 2013

  1. Nicely written piece!!!

    Let’s see…new lift, improved snowmaking, new groomer, new bar, new deck—THANK YOU NEW OWNERS!!!!

    Greek Peak pride is back

  2. Greek Peak could have gone one of two ways in the next few years. I like the direction things are going already. Investing in ski improvements were the right thing to do. Well done guys!

  3. U-S Senator Chuck Schumer who intervened on behalf of Greek Peak several times over the past eight months issued a statement saying he is optimistic about the resorts future following the sale. Schumer said he plans to work with the new owners to ensure that the nearly 1000 workers at Greek Peak remain on the job going forward. The new owners say they plan to invest in the ski center including updates to the main lodge as well installing a new quad lift. Meier and Stemerman have said the plan to work with current management and will offer season passes at $299 each, with discounts for each additional family member’s pass, and will honor discounts on Hope Lake Lodge condominiums.

  4. Which lift is being replaced – 1 or 1A ?

    The article indictes 1A, but then later say 1A will be run as needed.

    I hope 1A is gone forever lol (good riddance!!!)

    1 is OK – it can stay 🙂

    Congrats to the new owners on showing every sign of doing things right, and turning things around for this great area.

  5. Tom B: Yes Lift 1 will remain. Thanks for the heads up on the typo, it has been corrected.

    Thanks to David for the great coverage of the press conference.

    The future looks brighter for Greek Peak!

  6. I can’t wait to get skiing again with all the improvements………long overdue. Hope the locker areas get some attention…… and do something to hide that junk yard(maintenance area)and sewage treatment plant next to the resort.Planting some evergreen trees around it would be nice. Making the whole area more Alpine looking.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Great additions. Ever since Hope Lake Lodge and the Adventure Center opened the skiing has gone way downhill (lol).

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