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  1. As those of you who ski Whiteface know, Hoyt’s High doesn’t have snowmaking yet, so when we got a significant snowfall at the end of Feb. it was a real treat to ski it. The skier in the picture is Bill Borland, a close friend and director of the Mt. Hosts and Safety Patrol. This pic was actually taken late afternoon on the Friday before the trail officially opened. Several skiers and riders had pouched it during the day. Bill and I were on the way up the Lookout Chair around 3:30; Bill radioed ski patrol to ask if they wanted us to sweep Hoyt’s since it was poached quite a bit during the day. They said yes so we did. We didn’t encounter any injured poachers just a lot of still untracked snow.

    Hoyt’s High is a great trail. It’s long, with lots of curves and a consistently steep pitch. I look forward to the day when there is enough money in the budget so it will be open all the time.

  2. The trai is 4/5 of a mile long. lookout summit is 4,000 vertical feet, not sure where the base of the lift starts in vertical feet. The trail runs the length of the lift.

  3. If it isn’t already obvious … photo credit to Highpeaksdrifter. Killer historic photo HPD. Thanks for the backstory.

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