5 comments on “Friday Fantasy Photo #12

  1. What a wild day it was..I can’t say the skiing was great that day, because it wasn’t. 7ft of cement on 80mm skis is a ton of work. But the experience of being there was priceless..

  2. A waist-deep trench right under the lift: nice! Harv was mentioning how this pic gives the impression that the trails were packed because every chair is filled. Couldn’t be further from the truth — take a look at Plattekill’s trail map and you can see that the Northface chair serves quite a few trails, which really spreads people out.

    As Jason said, not a powder day like the ones we dream about, but one that we won’t forget soon.

  3. Jason’s right. That was pretty tough sledding. I remember skiing after lunch, but being so exhausted, I could barely turn. I was on 78mm skis and totally ready to rent something fat, but alas – no tele gear at Platte. IMO that place has the old-time funk to be a telemecca.

  4. Ah yes, I love looking at photos of the Snowicane of 2010. Thanks for posting. “Tell me about the snow, George….” Apologies to Steinbeck.

  5. Spent the 2/26 at Belleayre Mountain. It was my birthday! The drive in from Woodstock was like a disaster area – trees, limbs & wires down. Found out later they had a state of emergency there. Have to concur with Jason the experience of being there was priceless..

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