Gore Mountain Snow Totals

For the last several years NYSkiBlog has recorded snow totals published by Gore Mountain. While the mountain is consistent in reporting daily snowfall, they don’t publish cumulative seasonal totals or historical records. During the 2008-2009 season, we noted this and began to keep a running total of reported accumulations.

At times we’ve take some liberties with reporting. If we have a reporter in the area (we often do) and official mountain totals in our estimation under- or over-report those totals, we’ll record a modified amount. It’s important to note that from NYSB headquarters 4 miles to the northwest, Gore’s daily reporting looks to be very accurate. Often we’ll measure 5 inches on our porch at 1900 feet and Gore will report four inches at 1500.

Our season total may be a bit higher than Gore’s as we report any measurable amount that falls from July 1 to June 30 regardless of whether or not lifts are spinning. It’s our opinion that decisions to spin lifts are independent of the natural phenomena of snowfall.