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New York State Snowfall Map

We’re looking for a snowfall map for New York State. This is the only we’ve found, and it’s just not exactly what we want. We’re looking for a map that shows a longterm average with county lines, not much other detail. Anyone know where we can find one?

average annual snowfall new york state

(click for larger version in NY Ski Directory)

3 Responses on “New York State Snowfall Map

  1. Harvey44 says:

    Jim – I love those links and I use them all winter, but I'm looking for cumulative long-term averages.

    Anon – I'm no graphics wiz…so I'm not sure how to overlay layers. The thing is I KNOW I've seen the map I'm looking for, but it was probably in print, and published before the days of the internet, so Google won't turn it up.

    I set up the map so you can see the map larger if you click on it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Harv – can you blow this one up a bit so people can see it? Also, couldn’t you overlay a NY State map against this one to get the county lines?

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