New York Annual Precipitation Average

What is the average annual rainfall in New York State?

The NY precipitation average is just above 40 inches per year. This varies across the state by region, with the mountains receiving more than 50 inches per year. Statewide annual numbers have ranged from a low of 31.6 inches in 1964 to a high of 55.7 inches in 2011.

New York annual precipitation map

NY Annual Precipitation in inches
NY Annual Precipitation (inches)

The driest periods historically occurred in the late 1920s and in the 1950s. The wettest stretches were during the late 1970s and the decade starting in 2005. The driest 5-year span was 1962–1966 with an average of 35.2 inches and the wettest was 2007–2011 with an average of 46.1 inches.

Since 2010, New York has had an increase in the number of extreme events — days on which precipitation totals are more than two inches. The state’s annual precipitation record set in 2011 was due, in part, to two extreme precipitation events in the summer of that year: Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.

Much of eastern New York received more than 7 inches of rain from Hurricane Irene, with some locations in the Catskill measuring more than 18 inches. Less than two weeks later, Tropical Storm Lee brought more heavy rainfall, with more than 12 inches of rain falling in the upper reaches of the Susquehanna River Basin. Both of these events caused devastating flooding.

Across New York — snowfall — as a percentage of total annual precipitation varies widely. In New York City as little as 5% of total precipitation falls as snow. In contrast, Old Forge snowfall can be as much as 35% of total annual precipitation.

New York Annual Precipitation by City

NY LocationDays of PrecipitationInches of Liquid*
Slide Mountain15562.8″
Old Forge17350.0″
White Plains11649.4″
Saratoga Springs13145.0″
Allegany State Park15644.7″
Lake Placid17041.0″
Glens Falls13239.1″
Niagara Falls15935.0″

New York City Annual Precipitation

What is the average annual rainfall in New York City?

New York City’s average annual precipitation is 46.6 inches. However, NYC rainfall totals vary significantly by official measurement location. At the low end the long term average for JFK Airport is 42.8 inches per year. At the high end Central Park’s rainfall average is 49.9 inches.

NYC LocationDays of PrecipitationInches of Liquid*
JFK Airport11942.8″
La Guardia Airport11844.7″
Central Park12249.9″


*Precipitation data includes measured rainfall and liquid equivalents for snow, sleet and hail.