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Whiteroom Skis
Every pair of Whiteroom Skis is unique

Contest Update

We picked a winner!

We assigned each of 922 subscribers a number, and using a random number generator, chose the email address of Paul Menaldino of North Creek NY.

Paul has been notified and is currently considering ski design. 🙂

Congratulations Paul!

Originally Posted on February 27, 2019

NYSkiBlog is giving away one pair of fully custom skis — made for the winner of our subscription contest — by Vin Faraci of WhiteRoom Skis. Read on for details on how to enter.

Plenty of manufacturers say they are offering custom builds. But Vin is different. He’ll listen to you to understand how and where you ski. Then he’ll present you with a design to meet those needs. Front side carver? All mountain? Full on pow ski? He’s got it covered. Rocker, camber, both? Got it.

This is a custom approach top-to-bottom, built specifically for you. Every single pair of skis Vin builds is unique to the owner in dimension and top sheet design.

Vin will contact you for a consultation, listen to your needs and submit a design within a few weeks. Once you approve the ski design and custom topsheet, Vin will build your skis for delivery before Thanksgiving 2019. You pay only shipping, or you could pick them up at his shop in Northern Vermont.

“I came to skiing late in life and have worked hard to become an expert. It’s a judgement call at this point, but I’m certainly getting close. I bought a pair of Whiterooms the the summer of 2017 and now — at age 60 — I have upped my game.  No question my Whiterooms have had a big impact. Made to the highest standards, these are quality skis, made specifically for me.  Whiterooms are not prone to the manufacturing defects that plague many small volume manufacturers.”

—Harvey, Editor-in-Chief, NYSkiBlog

To enter SUBSCRIBE by email to the blog. If you are already a subscriber, you are already entered.

On September 13, we’ll assign a number to each subscriber, and choose one lucky winner, with a random number generator.

We’ll announce the winner here, and reach out by email to get your phone number, on September 4. You must still be an email subscriber on that date to be in the drawing.

Authors with a post on the NYSkiBlog front page in the last two years are not eligible.

One entry per person. If you know people who are interested, send them the link to this page so they can subscribe. We reserve the right to eliminate duplicates or delete entries from those who try to game the system or are otherwise not in good standing with NYSkiBlog or NYSkiForums.

19 comments on “Win A Pair of Custom Skis

  1. I could use a new pair of skis. My last and current are Volants. Great cruising ski but not so good in powder.

  2. Does subscriber mean you have a login?

    I imagine there are lots of “subscribers” who haven’t logged in or posted in a long time. Perhaps you should limit to “active” users?

    If you want to do this filtering I’d be happy to help out. I imagine there is a MySql or Mongo database behind this website.

  3. Thanks–Great opportunity. Keep carving out the blogs.
    I used to work at Whiteface, in the white dark ages before the Slides were officially open.
    We’d go with Ski Patrol’s okay, and radio SP when we all got out.
    Your blog on the Slides was the best coverage ever.

  4. Melanie… subscribing gets you an email whenever we post new content on the homepage. If you want to read what we publish on the blog/homepage, this is the best way to be alerted to new articles. Thank you!

  5. cool contest, harvey. glad to hear that the winner will have new sticks for next season!

  6. Vin makes some art with his wood. Almost would be afraid to use them. I completely destroy skis when I ski.

  7. I’ve been following you both on Twitter for some time. It’s worth a shot! Thanks for the great reads!

  8. I can’t say thanks enough to NYSkiBlog for selecting me as the winner! Now the pleasure of designing my new skis begins. Thank you!!

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