What is a Skier’s Mountain?

The question started rattling around in my brain when I skied with Mike Pratt in January. He was explaining about how hard he had to push to get the three runs under the liftlines open — Dark Side, Double Barrel and High Pines. He said it was a personal goal (as opposed to a professional goal) to push to make Gore a skier’s mountain. People thought those lines were just too rocky.

What is a skier’s mountain? What does that mean? I have some general ideas. But I’d like to hear yours. I’m trying to articulate my thoughts, but I’m having a hard time getting beyond a vague concept that includes increased skier responsibility.

Is your home hill a skier’s mountain? What are the top skier’s mountains in the northeast? What are your criteria for a skier’s mountain?

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5 comments on “What is a Skier’s Mountain?

  1. Skier’s mountain means there is enough advanced terrain to keep good skiers happy, and less extraneous fluff/diversions meant to supplement the “skiing experience” for those who are less passionate about the sport.

  2. Along the same lines, I’ve heard (and certainly seen) that Gore is attractive for telemark skiers. Are the glades the main attraction?

  3. A skiers mountain is one that has something for everyone on it… when you’re heading down a trail be it green, black or in the woods, you’ve got a smirk on your face and when you’ve reached the bottom you head right back up again.

  4. I think it means that it isn’t a snowboarder’s mountain. Gore is a tough mountain for a snowboarder, as there is a lot of traversing/shuffling/skating to get to the good stuff.

  5. Interesting. I remember once last year, Patrol opening Uncas on all natural snow for about an hour until rocks were exposed. It was great while it lasted. I really appreciate the mountain opening the trees at all this year. I know cover has been thin, but some of the best skiing this year has been in the trees. Opening all that terrain is something they can control, and I appreciate how they handle it. For me other skier’s mountains would include MRG and Jay Peak.

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