The Fifth Season

Some label bug season the Fifth Season. In my mind, the Fifth Season comes after fall and before winter. Maybe hunters think this way too.

Days like today defy categorization. It’s November. As a skier, you want it to be cold. You can’t call it Indian Summer — while it’s way above the average temps for this time of year, it’s still cool. If it has to be 55 degrees, in November, in the mountains — I’ll just have to enjoy it. Today challenged my ideas about this time of year.

5 comments on “The Fifth Season

  1. Hear, hear. Well said, Harv. This kind of weather always makes me a bit nervous about the winter to come. But it is a beautiful time to be walking in the forest – just make sure you are wearing your orange hat if it is deer season in your neck of the woods!

  2. Yup, nothing to do but go out and enjoy the slightly extended fall and put skiing on the back burner. I’ll be taking my dog for either a long walk or a hike then heading into Boston to rock out at a show. There are worse things than not having cold or snow in mid-November. Easy for me to say after I have already skied four days so far this season.

  3. I call the time between Halloween and the first skiable snow The Dark Time. It becomes increasingly darker. The clocks change, so the after-work work-out has less daylight and it is hunting season, so my mtn bike rides become limited and I’m looking for other means for my work-out, which just can’t compare with the mtb ride. I’m indoors in front of the tube earlier. This is my least favorite time of year. The waiting period for the ground to become cold and white.

    This year my mother offered me the perfect antidote to The Dark Time…a trip to Costa Rica. I get back after Thanksgiving and am hoping to hit the ground skiing upon my return. I am hoping to do my pre-ski workouts on the beach or maybe hike up a volcano. Thanks Ma!

  4. SBR… what you wrote would have made a better caption under that pic for sure. Today was certainly a top 10, not counting ski days, day. PDQ scores her way out of the Dark Time. We will work on the snow while she’s away. Jason?

  5. Fighting the weather is more futile than fighting City Hall. Just suck it up and soak it up. Hiking, paddling, outdoor chores, etc made easier and more pleasant.

    Kurt Vonnegut said that north of the Mohawk there are 6 seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Locking, Winter, Unlocking. I always though that was about right.

    Not enough controversy around here lately, Harv!

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