Gore Interconnect Trail Map Revised

New Gore Trail Map

3 comments on “Gore Interconnect Trail Map Revised

  1. Great to see the new map posted. Not sure why, but we can’t seem to get better resolution as the document is over 3Mb. Maybe this isn't the final version.

    Very cool to see that (as first reported on Harvey Road) the new BarkEater Glades are on the map, indicating that they will be in play next year. From what we’ve seen that looks like some sweet, widely spaced hardwood terrain.

    Also it’s hard to make out the map but the Little Gore liftline run will be called “46er.” That run will be a great addition to Gore’s under the liftline trails. It’s got some killer pitch.

  2. Harv, where did you find the map? I checked the Gore web site and it&’s not up there.

  3. Nick, you’re right I don’t see the updated map on Gore’s website either. However there is a good description of the new trails here. We’ve known about the layout of the planned trails for the Ski Bowl for some time now, but the addition of the Barkeater glade comes as news to me… pretty cool. I also didn’t realize that they were naming the liftline trail “46er” — as a 46er myself I think it’s a great name.

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