Plattekill, NY: 2/27/10 (Video)

Plattekill Mountain Video: 2/27/11

3 comments on “Plattekill, NY: 2/27/10 (Video)

  1. Harv lookin’ smooth! Can you give us a self-assessed “movement analysis” of your tele turns? Maybe this is the place for your apology to Tele Jon?

  2. I see the same issues with my technique that I’ve had for a few years. It looks like I’m over rotating. You can see the same thing in the shambala video from December 2008. I need to keep my hands in front.

    And, if you look carefully towards the end of the clip, you can also see the parallel hopturn I do when I feel like I’m going too fast.

    Other than that, yeah, I’m a total stud.

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