Camelback, PA: 3/1/10

Living where I do, 30 minutes directly west of NYC, there are two choices for “local” skiing: Mountain Creek, NJ or Camelback, PA. Both hills are the skiing equivalent of going to the gym — places to get out in the fresh air and work on on-piste technique.

Camelback PA

Mountain Creek is only 15 minutes from my office and would be a perfect choice for after-work skiing, but since they transformed the only halfway entertaining terrain there (South and Bear Peak) into a huge park for boarders, no thanks. It’s that unpleasant.

Camelback is 55 minutes from my house and a much better alternative IMHO. Two HSQs cover the 850 verts and I must have made close to 30 runs in the 3+ hours I was there last night. Not a bad deal for $27.

One comment on “Camelback, PA: 3/1/10

  1. Mountain Creek? They can put liptick on that pig any way they want, but bottom line is it’s still Vernon Valley, and just as crowded as when it was VV/GG.

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